2 LB Acai berry powder from the Rainforest of Brazil.

Non GMO, FDA Approved, Freeze Dried,  Organic. Packed in an airtight , resealable food grade container for freshness. 


Suitable for Vegetarians Organic & Sustainably Harvested Rapid Zone Dried Açai Berry Powder Great when added to: Purified Water, 100% Fruit Juices, Yogurt or Smoothies. 

Acai (Euterpe oleracea – pronounced ah – sigh – ee) is a unique dark purple berry that grows high up in palm trees (Acai Palm) native to Central & South The us, and is found predominantly in the Amazonian Rain Forest.  Acai Berries have been traditionally consumed as a healthy “Whole-Food” source by the native peoples of Brazil and neighboring countries Acai Berries contain: Naturally-Occurring Phytonutrients (such as: Anthocyanins, Polyphenols & Phytosterols), Healthy Omega Fatty Acids (with similar Essential Fatty Acid Profile to Olive Oil), Fiber & Protein (Rare in Fruits).Açaí has:Vitamin A which may contribute to healthy immunity, vision, bone health and cell integrityVitamin C which may function as an antioxidant as well as contribute to healthy immunity and bone healthOmega-3 essential fatty acids which may contribute to mental function and hearth healthCalcium which may assist in supporting strong bonesPotassium which may help deal with healthy blood pressure in combination with a low sodium diet

PURO products come directly from the Brazilian rainforest. The berries are picked and immediately freeze dried to preserve their natural state and freshness. I take these product on a regular basis and I can only use the best. PURO products are rigorously tested and inspected before and after entering the usA. for quality. All of PURO products are guaranteed. –Brant Owner PURO

DISCLAIMER – The information is provided for educational and informational purposes only. It’s not  intended to prescribe, or treat. It’s not intended to be a substitute for a health care provider’s  consultation.
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