(10) Nic Out Disposable Cigarette Filter (150 filters) Removes Tar ~ pocket size



(10) Nic Out Disposable Cigarette Filter (150 filters) Removes Tar ~ pocket size

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According to the American Heart Association, smoking accounts for about 5 million deaths worldwide each year. Even with these grim statistics, many people are unable or unwilling to quit. Fortunately, there is an alternative that may help a smoker enjoy Better Health and Longer Life. Now smokers can take Special Cigarette Filter Nic-Out, developed by scientists, to help reduce nicotine, tar and thus the health risks associated with smoking.This small and simple device provides intensive cigarette smoke purification: 90% of the tar is extracted; the content of Nicotine is reduced 5 times!

The filter is made of transparent class-A plastic. A smoker does NOT detect any changes in the taste of the cigarette! The immediate results of the usage of the tiny device is the disappearance of the tormenting "morning cough" - regularly a consequence of smoking over dozen cigarettes per day. After a couple of weeks of the usage of this filter the smokers are completely rid of the "morning cough

Product Features:
Nic-Out is 100% effective smoking reduction / cessation product on the market today. 


Nic-Out doesn’t add cancer causing Nicotine like Nicotine patches and gums do or use unknown herbs of doubtful effectiveness. 

Instead Nic-Out removes addictive Tar and Nicotine. 


The mechanical filters are clear so you’ll be able to see progress from your very first cigarette. 

Nic-Out makes cigarettes less harmful and it much easier to break your addiction to Nicotine completely. 


Nic-Out doesn’t add addictive, cancer causing Nicotine like patches and gums do or use unknown herbs of doubtful effectiveness. 

Instead Nic-Out removes harmful and addictive Tar & Nicotine from your cigarette. 


Nic-Out Cigarette Filters are clear so you’ll be able to see the Tar and Nicotine removed from your very first cigarette. 


Nic-Out brings you immediately closer to your goal of quitting for good.

Each order placed is for a set of 10 TOTAL packs of Nic-Out filters. Each pack contains 15 filters (150 total filters per order) Each filter is good for a average of 5 to 8 cigarettes before being disposed. Each pack retails in stores for $6.98 each. We are a fraction of the cost. This is in point of fact an amazing invention. We have sold our Nic-Out to thousands of customers over 14 years and have yet to ever have a single complaint. Perfect pocket size boxes! BRAND NEW 

I do not think you would wish to have this in your lungs!

* Bid with Confidence.  GUARANTEE 100% AUTHENTIC *

– All products are new and purchased directly from the distributors and guaranteed to be authentic –

Many sellers are selling cheap inferior knock off Nic-Out filters online, We have been selling real authentic Nic-Out brand filters for years


INTERNATIONAL rates see shipping section of listing, We charge BELOW actual cost so you get a awesome rate


Wholesale Bonus offer: For every 15 orders of 10pks of Nic Out filters purchased I will be able to add 1 order of 10pks FREE~!


Buy 15 orders get 1 order FREE
Buy 30 orders get 2 orders FREE
Buy 45 orders get 3 orders FREE


FAQ: Bonus offer info:

Can not be combined with any other eBay items
Will have to meet the minimum quantity listed
Bonus offer qualifies for ALL countries
A GREAT way to lower your cost per unit when you factor in the free goods value
Just order as normal, No want to remind us as we can know to add free goods inside


Please see our other eBay listing as we sell Nic-Out in large size orders!


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