Zona Plus Series 2



 Includes: Zona Plus Device, 3V 123A Battery, User manual and tracking log, Carry case,  and 1 year manufacturer’s warranty. The Series 2 device does not sync with an account and does not have any tracking features.

***PLEASE NOTE*** This Item DOES NOT HAVE a 90 Day Money Back Guarantee.

Proven Protected and Effective

Unlike many other natural therapies, the Zona Plus enjoys substantial
scientific strengthen and has been favorably reviewed by many prominent
doctors and physicians. More than 22 published studies have shown the
patented Zona Plus therapy lowers blood pressure and improves
cardiovascular health.

Articles about the Zona Plus therapy can be found in distinguished peer-reviewed medical journals such as the Journal of Hypertension, the Journal of Clinical Hypertension, and the International Journal of Cardiology. The Zona Plus even caught the eye of the American Heart Association, the Harvard Heart Letter, and the Mayo Clinic Health Letter!

The Zona Plus is so effective, more than 90% of people who use it as
recommended may be able to lower their blood pressure. Evidence shows
regular use can result in a decrease in systolic and diastolic blood
pressure of approximately 15/8mmHg, or an average of 10% in as little as
6 weeks.

Research suggests the Zona Plus therapy triggers positive
physiological changes in your body that naturally lower blood pressure.
Regular use increases the diameter of your arteries, makes your arteries
more flexible, and improves “resistance vessels” — where the arteries
and veins connect. Over time, doing the Zona Plus therapy often remodels your
arteries and improves your body’s circulatory function. It also changes
endothelial dysfunction, a key cause of hypertension, and boosts
nitric oxide production. The therapy also improves Vagal Tone (your
body’s “fight or flight” response) and improves vascular function by

An Accidental Discovery

Air Force Pilot

The same therapy that helps fighter jet pilots avoid “g-force blackout” was also found to lower blood pressure and keep it down.

Researchers first discovered the science in the back of the Zona Plus therapy
at the same time as trying to solve a completely different problem for the U.S. Air
Force. The Air Force found many of its fighter pilots were experiencing
incidents of “g-force blackout,” a condition that causes temporary
vision loss. The problem arose when the Air Force began deploying the
F-16 fighter jet. This sort of aircraft turns very quickly, putting
greater g-force on the pilot.

To find a solution, the Air Force commissioned Dr. Ronald L. Wiley, a
respected cardiopulmonary physiologist. As part of his experiments, Dr.
Wiley had the pilots grab a steel rod as hard as they could at the same time as
experiencing g-force under flight conditions. As it turns out, two of
the pilots had blood pressure levels that were high enough to make them

Years later, when Dr. Wiley reviewed the data from his experiments,
he found the two pre-hypertensive pilots had dropped their blood
pressure to normal after long periods of grabbing the steel rod at
maximum squeeze. On account of this accidental discovery, he spent many
years trying to recreate the blood pressure drops and then maximize
them at the same time as maintaining a Protected procedure.

Eventually, Dr. Wiley perfected a pc-controlled handgrip
therapy that lowers blood pressure safely and effectively. He then
tested this therapy in multiple controlled studies conducted by
physicians and cardiac rehabilitation centers, and found it produced
dramatic results in just weeks! This same breakthrough therapy is now
available to you with the Zona Plus.


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