Detox your body and find internal balance. Cleanse Me!® may also be taken as a shot (4-6 oz.) or as “flavored water” (18-24 oz.). It contains Fiber and Aloe Vera.
The Essential Nutrition System (ENS) used to be developed the use of advanced scientific knowledge about nutrition, including using complete meal replacement shakes. Meal replacements have been clinically proven to be an effective tool for achieving and maintaining your ideal weight. The VIVRI® ENS system used to be created by the VIVRI® Medical and Scientific Advisory Board the use of only ingredients from the highest quality sources, so you’ll feel confident that you and your family are getting the perfect. The specific combination of ingredients provides the right mix of nutrients in all our products, allowing your body to maximize these benefits in a way that is far superior than consuming the individual ingredients one after the other. This can be a fact that has been well substantiated by the brightest minds in global nutrition. VIVRI® simply offers the most productive.


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