Vitality Blend Mushroom Powder 1 lb. Ten Species Mushroom Blend Myriad Mycology



Vitality Blend Mushroom Powder 1 lb. Ten Species Mushroom Blend Myriad Mycology

Vitality Blend Mushroom Powder 1 lb. Ten Species Mushroom Blend Myriad Mycology

Herbal Information on Vitality Blend Mushroom Powder

This is a  blend of 10 different clinically proven medicinal mushroom species. Studies indicate a highly synergistic effect is created in the body when multi-species medicinal mushroom blends are consumed. The diverse composite of active constituents contained in this mixture is an excellent way to maintain your health.

Mushroom Species Included

  • Reishi (Gandoerma lucidum)
  • Cordyceps (Cordycepys sinensis)
  • Lion’s Mane (Hericium erinaceus)
  • Chaga (Inconotus oliquus)
  • Turkey Tail (Trametes versicolor)
  • Maitake (Grifola frondosa)
  • Shiitake (Lentinuula edodes)
  • Blazei (Agaricus blazei)
  • Agarikon (Laricifomes officinales
  • Mesima Sang-Huang (Phellinuss linteus)

Pack Size:  1 lb. (pound)

Form:  Powder

Suggested Use:  1 Teaspoon (2 grams)  twice daily

Other Ingredients:  Grown on organic brown rice (full disclosure:  the rice is not a filler but the medium on which the mushrooms grow.)

Brand:  Myriad Mycology

Caution:  Do not use if pregnant or nursing.

Certificate of Analysis is available upon request.

Lab Tested

Vitality Mushroom Blend

The mushroom powder is fine enough to mix into a beverage or add earthy flavor to a recipe by using it like a spice.  Add to hot water for tea or hot milk for a latte.

Positive Influences on the Body

  • Enhances Normal Body Function
  • Botanical Beef up for Cardiovascular Wellness
  • Immune System Booster
  • Supports Mental Calmness
  • Promotes a Healthy Inflammatory Response

Myriad Mycology- Manufacturer’s Observation – 100% Goodness Guarantee

Our mushroom powders are grown in a manner exceeding industry standards to provide the highest quality product conceivable. They are rich in 1,3 β-D and 1,6 β-D glucans, glycoproteins, arabinoxylans, triterpenes, essential sugars, and antioxidants.

The mushrooms and mycelium are lab-grown on a certified organic substrate with:

  • HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Keep an eye on Point procedures)
  • SOP’s (Standard Operating Procedures).
  • The mushrooms and mycelium are dried to a moisture level below 8% and are ground to a fineness of 200 – 500 microns.
  • After being ground the mushroom powder is activated through a steam process to make the constituents readily bio-available for maximum potency
  • Each lot is sent to analytical labs for microbial and constituent testing before being cleared for shipping.

  • Standard Shipping is all the time free.
  • Orders are processed within 24 business hours.
  • Depending on your location transit time can be 2 – 5 days.

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About Chinese Herbs

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We encourage you to educate yourself on herbs and supplements, by researching reputable sites, and books. Having an open discussion with your physician on what’s going to be most beneficial for your health issues. Lastly, be sure you discuss the conceivable interaction of herbs and pharmaceuticals with your pharmacist or physician.

Packaging and Storage: Processing and storage standards make the difference in preserving the quality of our herbs. Our herbs have a shelf life of 24-36 months. Our natural herbs retain their freshness and quality without added preservatives. Special measures are taken to store the herbal materials to maintain their optimum required conditions for humidity, temperature and protection from light.

This product was manufactured using Good Manufacturing Practices.
GMP Statement

Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs) are guidelines that govern the manufacturing process of a product to ensure that the quality and safety of the product is consistent. To ensure compliance and traceability, each step of the manufacturing process must be documented and adhere to its defined guidelines. By documenting the manufacturing process, validating the equipment used, and following preset guidelines, the manufacturer ensures the quality of each lot of their products

Quality Assurance:

This item is at maximum freshness and has an expiration date of one year or longer.

How To Use Herbs

Parts of Plants Herbal Tincture Herbal Decoction Herbal Syrup/Gargle Herbal Preparations of Topical / Facial Herbal Tea / Infusion Cooking with Herbs
Hard/Dried Berries x x x Powder first.   x
Soft Fruit x   x x x x
Leaves x   x   x x
Roots/Tubers x x Decoct first. Powder first.   x
Bark x x Decoct first. x   x
Stems x x Decoct first. Powder first. x  
Flowers x   Make tea first. Powder first. x  

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This is intended for information only. It is not to be used to diagnosis, treat, cure, or in place of medical supervision. Consult with your
naturopathic doctor or health care professional. The FDA has not evaluated these statements or products, and they don’t seem to be intended for the prevention, remedy, cure, or mitigation of disease.

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