Universal Nutrition Animal Rage XL 30 Servings Multiple Flavors



Universal Nutrition Animal Rage XL    30 Servings
Available Flavors: Grape of Wrath 
                                Mango Unchained
                                Lemon Slayer 

Quick energy is the feeling of an adrenaline surge traveling right through
your body, waking up your senses, preparing you on your intense
workout ahead. Animal Rage XL’s Quick Energy Complex gets on your
system in fast and furious fashion. You’re feeling it and you’re able to
train in minutes. The core of Animal Rage’s Quick Energy Complex is
pure caffeine anhydrous, a powerful central nervous system (CNS)
stimulant. The chemical structure of caffeine is similar to that
of adenine (a component of ATP, DNA and cyclic AMP). Essentially,
caffeine could be very just about being an energy metabolite and, as a result of
the structural similarities, can slip right into adenosine receptors,
keeping cyclic AMP active, fairly than being broken down. Caffeine
allows the cyclic AMP supply to remain higher for longer. In short,
caffeine reaches deep into the muscle cell to supply lasting power and
delays the onset of muscle fatigue


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