Ultrasound Therapy 1 MHz Pain Relief Massager Ultrasonic




   Ultrasonic Machine  1 Mhz


     Ultrasound treatments as of late have a wide spectrum of application and are used to:  accelerate blood circulation and metabolizm in problem areas, sport injury recovery, for pain relief, reduction of inflammation and muscle spasms, and better absorption of pain and anti inflammatory medication.    With mechanical vibration wave of extremely high speed, ultrasound is in a position to fortify blood and lymph circulation. But even so it has no side effects. In addition to mechanical, warm and hot and biochemical effect, it has the effect of relaxing muscles. Though larger professional place of job units will give a much stronger effect, small units like this one, are the only reasonably priced remedy and do same roughly remedy but on a smaller scale.

         Plug in unit. Power supply – 110 Volt AC.  Adjustable intensity.


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