Ultimate Gluco Gel 120 capsules Youngevity Dr Wallach




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Ultimate Gluco Gel 120 capsules Youngevity Dr Wallach

The ingredients of Ultimate Gluco-Gel™ are really helpful by top doctors for advanced joint improve. 
For years, Dr. Wallach has been recommending gelatin as a part of the Pig Pack Foumula. Ultimate Gluco-Gel™ accommodates a 1:1 ratio of gelatin and glucosamine sulfate, a key building block of bone matrix, cartilage, ligaments, tendons, and connective tissue.
Ultimate™ Gluco-Gel™ is the ultimate method to get your Day-to-day dose of gelatin and healthy joint improve. For best results, use Ultimate™ Gluco-Gel™ as a part of a full nutritional program that also includes Majestic Earth® Ultimate Classic®, Majestic Earth Plant Derived Minerals, and Ultimate™ Day-to-day.*

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