U-Turner To Prevent Bedsores and Turn patients with ease



  • Allows one person to turn a patient in bed and provide care. 
  • Makes turning patients in bed easier and more convenient.
  • Can be used as a positioning aid which may prevent or heal bedsores. 
  • Adjustable straps allow caregiver to reposition and deal with patient in side lying position (30 degrees elevation really useful for bedsore prevention).
  • Caregiver can easily make small incremental changes to position as needed (also really useful for bedsore prevention).
  • Safely, respectfully and gently turn patients onto their side with ease and convenience. 
  • Cradles patients in position required for effective cleaning, bed-bathing and diaper and/or linen changes. 
  • Easily place patient on and off bedpan as needed.
  • Can be used for every two hour turning of patients. 
  • Made of strong, reusable material that may be machine washable and fast drying. 
  • Machine wash & tumble dry low or line dry.
  • Single patient use really useful. 
  • Full or partial side rails required for safety.
  • At-home kit to be had for non-hospital beds. Ask seller for details.
  • Comes in convenient washable Nylon tote bag.
  • Ships with full written instructions and instruction video online.
  • Bariatric size (over 300lbs) also to be had. Ask seller for details.
  • Proudly Made In USA.
  • Retails for $179.99 Introductory special price $149.99 for a limited time.
  • See ErgoMatrix U-Turner website for video demonstration.



Protecting caregivers from lifting injury,
securing patients in side-lying position to prevent bedsores and improving
nursing care and outcomes


Enables one nurse or
caregiver to turn a patient in bed with ease

Ergonomic friction-reducing
nylon sling

Industrial strength webbing
and design to maximize safety

Quick release buckle
clasps = easy application and removal of device

Attaches to bed frame
or side rails

  • Maximizes dignity and patient
  • Adjustable straps accommodates
    different size patients and beds
  • Multiple handles maximizes
    caregiver keep watch over and comfort

Fluid and mildew
resistant material

Machine wash or wipe
clean as needed

Quick drying time

Single patient use

Latex free


Skin and wound

Wound care

Take photos of wounds

Place patient on and
off bedpan

Clean patient with

Bed baths

Change linens with
patient in bed

Rectal and spinal

Rectal temperatures

Rectal medication

Listen to lungs

Back rubs to promote

Chest physiotherapy
for airway clearance

Turn patient every two
hours with ease

Maintain patient in
elevated position to prevent or heal bedsores


  • Enables one nurse or caregiver
    to turn a patient and provide care without assistance.
  • Allows easy and immediate access
    to patient’s backside for cleaning, assessments, wound care, and so on.
  • Increases staff productivity:
    second person does not have to stand at bedside holding the patient on side,
    instead they are able to be doing something more productive.
  • No more waiting for help – one
    caregiver can clean patients immediately which may:

Improve nursing care
and outcomes

Reduce risk for skin
breakdown & infection

Improve patient and
family satisfaction. (= higher patient satisfaction scores)

Make patient feel more
comfortable and respected. (not left in soiled bed for long time)

Improve hospital
reputation. (patients/families have a better experience)

Reduce the perception
that “there’s not enough help” or “they’re short staffed”

  • Decrease risk of staff injuries
    and workman comp claims associated with repetitive strain injuries.
  • Can be used as a positioning
    aid which may prevent or heal bedsores by allowing patient to remain in an
    elevated position.
  • Can be used to facilitate
    frequent turning and repositioning of patient so as to prevent skin
  • Safer and gentler for patients
    than being “manually” turned: protects them from bruising, skin tears,
    and so on.
  • Patients feel more comfortable
    and respected when turned with the U-turner, the fear and resistance is
  • Patients are more cooperative
    and relaxed right through the procedure, making nurses and caregivers job easier
    and more pleasant for them.


to be had in Bariatric or Pediatric size

Royal Blue, Camoflauge or Pediatric print available


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