TransDerma Prill Beads Magnesium Oxide 3oz bag



Fresh Batch

TransDerma Prills are made in the united states from magnesium oxide which were energetically treated. Not in China like such a lot of others being sold.

To create your Prill water you:

1) Begin with a glass or glazed ceramic gallon jug.
2) Rinse your bag of Prill beads (3oz) well to take away all magnesium oxide dust.
3) Place your beads within the bottom of the jug (You’ll keep them within the bag or place them in loosely),
5) Fill your glass or ceramic jug up with water, don’t replace the lid if chlorine is present to your water.
6) Let stand for 24 hours.

You now have Prilled water. You’ll pour off 3 quarts, all the time leaving one quart of water covering your prill beads.

Precious Prills is a one time purchase for about the similar price you spend on 2 cases of bottled water. Saving you hunderds of dollars a year.


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