Top Massage 18-Quart Large Professional Hot Stone Heater Pre-Set Temp Control





Top Massage Large Professional Hot Stone 18-quart Heater


Enhance your massage sessions with this professional hot stone heater featuring an easy-to-clean finish. Unlike a regular pot, this 18-quart heater will not crack down the middle if you by chance drop a stone.

It maintains a constant even temperature and features a 'pre-set' setting of 375 degrees. It has a slotted wooden take care of for safety and convenience, a pen thermometer and temperature indicator light. The large capacity of the professional hot stone heater holds approximately 100 stones and is constructed of aluminum, making it attractive and easy to take care of. 

  • Product type: Hot stone heater
  • Suitable for manicures, pedicures, and facials
  • Easy-to-clean finish
  • Maintains a constant even temperature
  • Indicator light
  • Temperature keep an eye on features a 'pre-set' setting of 375 degrees
  • Operating range of 120-150 degrees
  • Uses 120 volts
  • Minimal assembly required
  • Includes slotted wooden take care of and pen thermometer
  • Size: 18-quart
  • Capacity: Approximately 100 stones

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