Tongkat Ali 1:200 Root Extract (100 Capsules 300 mg)



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This Tongkat Ali Herbal Supplement is 100% natural & pure and will allow you to safely boost your testosterone levels!

With more testosterone production comes more energy, strength, stamina, and endurance. It is going to help you lose weight, burn fat, and gain muscle with proper diet and exercise. Increase your motivation and become much more productive. Feel younger, more alive, and build more self-confidence.

Him Supplements Recommended Guide to supplementing:

Level 1: 1 capsule at rising

Level 2: 1 capsule at rising, 1 at lunch

Level 3: 2 capsules at rising, 1 at lunch

Level 4: 2 capsules at rising, 2 at lunch


Important! This Tongkat Ali Root Extract is very effective! So stay within your comfort level! Move up, down, or stay as needed. If your not feeling it, move to the next level. Every body is different and testosterone levels can vary based on age, weight, and fitness. Listen to your body and pay attention to how you are feeling. When your body has adapted to the current level, you may increase to the next as desired.


Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the difference between Indonesian and Malaysian extract? 

Great Question and VERY important to understanding the value of my product! Eurycoma Longifolia “Tongkat Ali” is a tree like plant that requires at least 10 years of age to be considered mature enough for harvest. Indonesia has the largest untouched naturally growing resource that can be legally harvested. Malaysia then again has Tongkat Ali farms (Because it is illegal to harvest wild Tongkat Ali) that are harvested ASAP. This makes their products much less effective and inferior to that of the naturally grown Indonesian Tongkat Ali. 

Why is Indonesian Tongkat Ali more expensive than Malaysian?

Two reasons.

      1) Its hard labor to harvest the roots in the dense jungles of Indonesia.

     2) Harvested from its natural environment at the proper age making this a superior extract.

What does 1:200 mean?

1 gram of extract is created from 200 grams of plant root.

I found cheap Tongkat Ali from China on eBay, is that a good deal? 

Really? GOOGLEFaked chicken eggs (no joke), cows milk, infant formula, green peas, you name it, etc. etc. etc. You’ll be able to take your chances if you wish to have. I guarantee you mine is 100% authentic, genuine, pure, and unadulterated. 

Can Tongkat Ali be taken long term? 

Yes! Tongkat Ali will continue to work its magic long term. Then again, a small break (1 or 2 weeks) in use is recommended after several months. Additionally, a cycle of 5 days on and 2 days off is a good idea. 

What is the difference between different Indonesian extracts? 

This extract comes from the same source as the top few leading brands available to the world.  A small army of workers is deployed into the deep jungles to harvest pure, aged, and genuine Indonesian Tongkat Ali Root. That is why you’re going to see a distinct color difference between otherwise similar products (deep dark brown vs. lighter browns). Entrepreneurs have no doubt taken advantage of the Indonesian name and created Tongkat Ali farms to turn quick profits.

Why is there extract on the inside of the bottle?

A 3-step capsuling process is used. 1) fill 2) stamp 3) fill again. This ensures 300 mg is packed into the capsule but also causes one of the most very fine extract to cling onto the outside of the capsule. This extract then gets knocked off all over shipment.

How do you get the most out of Tongkat Ali?

Take this opportunity to maximize your body’s fitness by beginning an exercise routine (if you haven’t already) such as going for jogs, push-ups, crunches, air squats, Kettlebells, and daily stretching (things You’ll be able to easily do at home). Take the advantage! Just because you have more testosterone and energy doesn’t mean your body is going to change. Have you ever seen an overweight and out of shape 20 something guy? 

Will this be effective if I already work out, eat right, and feel good?

Absolutely! I recommend getting your diet and exercise in check first if you are looking to achieve fitness.

I am only taking 1 capsule at night before bed… I don’t feel any change, what gives?

Please follow the suggested guide. Stretching out the supply will prevent or hinder results.

Are there negative side effects?

Some people (including myself) experience a warming sensation/pressure in the head in the beginning. This goes away in a few days after your body begins to slowly adapt. As mentioned before, drink plenty of water and avoid dehydration at all costs. Get yourself a nice 16-24 Oz water bottle to carry with you. You NEED more water. And I suggest purified water via Reverse Osmosis (RO) to avoid contaminants of tap water.

Can I mix take this with other medications?

There are no known drug interactions. Then again, if you are currently taking prescription medication and have a concern. Call your doctor and ask.

What is not Tongkat Ali?

Tongkat Ali is not a supplement for young males. Tongkat Ali is not to blame if not taken as it should be or for the wrong reasons. Tongkat Ali is not a substitute for a healthy lifestyle. Tongkat Ali is not a Penis Enlargement pill. Tongkat Ali is not going to make you ripped or buff without any further effort. Tongkat Ali is not meant to cure or prevent any medical conditions.

Tongkat Ali is a SUPPLEMENT. There are no magic pills or potions in the real world. A proper diet and exercise plan is absolutely necessary to achieve total health for mind & body.


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