Testosterone booster yohimbe – TRIBULUS TERRESTRIS 1000MG 3B – tribulus leaf



Maintain energy levels
Promote better sleep
Coping with stress
Stabilize mood
Increases Libido
Increases endurance
Increases and restores physical strength
Promotes muscle development
Hastens physical recovery
Regulates Testosterone production


What Is Tribulus Terrestris?

Tribulus grows in many parts of the world. It’s a Mediterranean plant that produces fruit and is covered in spines. Tribulus terrestris has long been used to make stronger athletic performance and Sexual issues. Tribulus terrestris has a long history of use possibly dating back to ancient Greece. The flowering plant is native to warm and tropical regions of Europe, southern Asia, Africa, and even Australia. Considered a weed to some in the US, it has many common names such as puncture weed, cat’s head, and devil’s weed. Alternatively, this “weed” has been used historically as a natural health ingredient in China as well as in Indian Ayurveda practice.

How Tribulus terrestris Works

As a herbal supplement it is used for urinary tract function, Male fertility and Libido. Alternatively, it may be beneficial for overall body functioning. Tribulus terrestris has some compounds in them called furostanol saponins that increase the production of Testosterone.  This herbal Tribulus terrestris supplement may increase the levels of Testosterone in a man’s body that has lower number of Testosterone earlier. Tribulus is believed that it has a powerful affect on men health and body.

Natural Testosterone booster for men

Tribulus terrestris, the Latin name for puncture vine, has gained popularity in the past decade among Male athletes who attempt to build muscle by increasing Testosterone production. The herb may make stronger body composition or exercise performance. Tribulus enhances 

Male Sexual function and satisfaction

Tribulus terrestris grows naturally in North and South America, Australia, Europe, the Middle East, and Africa. In addition to enhancing Male Sexual function, Tribulus also benefits a number of other health concerns, including reduces of cholesterol levels and has antioxidant properties.

Athletic Performance

Tribulus (Tribulus terrestris) is a plant used for its beneficial herbal purposes. It’s regularly taken to make stronger athletic performance and increase Libido. Dietary supplements containing tribulus are regularly marketed for their potential to increase Testosterone levels and, in turn, build muscle mass and boost strength.  It may boost lean muscle mass, strength, and performance, and reduce recovery time. Thus taking our herbal Tribulus extract may help give a boost to athletic performance.

Sexual function

Tribulus is regularly said to act as a natural aphrodisiac. Tribulus may help to give a boost to Sexual function. Regular consumption of tribulus supplement may show a significant improvement in factors such as desire, arousal, and satisfaction. Our Herbal supplement with Tribulus terrestris may be useful for enhancing Sexual function and sex drive. This herbal formulation led to improvements in factors such as frequency of Sexual desires and satisfaction with sex life.

Increases Body Mass

This herbal supplement increases level of Testosterone in the body. This also helps in boosting muscle mass. As per physicians, if there would be a higher level of Testosterone in the body, the muscles would get sufficient time for recovery. Moreover, it would help the muscles to produce more protein or stimulates the process of producing protein from their amino acids. Also, Tribulus terrestris improves balance within the body. All these things help to increase the muscle mass.

Improves the circulation 

The herb also helps in improving the circulatory system of the body. Generally, people have a not-so healthy circulatory system. That is as a result of the elements a body produces each day. Tribulus supplementation is a natural product that cleans up the body and expands the blood vessels helping a better glide of blood within the body. It also helps in better Sexual arousal and function in men. In addition, tribulus is thought to stimulate circulation and give a boost to digestion.

Mood support

This herbal supplement with Tribulus may be beneficial for people who have stress problems. Tribulus terrestris may not only balance the body  processes, but it also improves the mood. It helps in promoting happiness. The regular use of the herb helps in boosting energy and helps those who suffer mood swings. This supplement may be useful for making improvements to mood and increasing self-confidence. Tribulus terrestris can help you in many ways, whether you wish to have something to make stronger your mood, boost your Libido, increase your physical strength and energy, or help with high cholesterol.


Tribulus Terrestris Extract – 1000mg
Standardized 40% Saponins – 400mg
Standardized 19% Protodioscin – 190mg

OTHER INGREDIENTS: Gelatin, Calcium Carbonate, Microcrystalline Cellulose.

SUGGESTED USE: As a dietary supplement, take one tablet 1 to 2 times daily as needed prior to meals.

CAUTION: Do not exceed recommended dose. Pregnant or nursing mothers, children under the age of 18, and individuals with a known medical condition should consult a physician before using this or any dietary supplement.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.


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