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SynergyO2 is a liquid colloidal highly concentrated and super mineralized formula. Its powerful solution contains the essential trace minerals, amino acids, plant source silica and electrolytes, all combined in a base which permits the dissociation of the water molecule in the body.

  • Circulatory Problems
  • Hypertension
  • Respiratory Problems
  • High Glycemic & Cholesterol Problems
  • Muscular or Joint Pain
  • Depression
  • Memory Loss
  • Stress or Irritability 
  • Poor Digestion Or Constipation
  • Obesity 
  • Sexual Impotence 

Then please read the information below!


  • Helps increase cellular inhalation providing more oxygen at the cellular level
  • Enhances nutrient uptake because it is easy to absorb
  • Helps eliminate toxins and purify the blood
  • Helps stimulate your metabolism and facilitate tissue reconstruction as a result of its high electrical charge
  • Helps eliminate free radicals. Helps generously nurture cells. Helps elevate your energy
  • Helps oxygenate the brain, thus diminishing memory loss
  • Enhances biochemical activities right through the entire body


Synergy O2 is absorbed swiftly at cellular level. This forms nascent oxygen right through the body. From the first time you consume Synergy O2 the body will respond in kind. Vital organs and body tissues begin to cleanse, followed by a reconstruction process and finally followed by a nourishment process.

The benefits of these nutrients and the increased oxygen uptake will cause you to feel more alert and energetic, it is possible for you to to have better rest and suffer less fatigue and you’ll also take pleasure in clearer thinking.

It has been recognized worldwide for its efficiency. All chronic pain, suffering and diseases are caused as a result of a lack of oxygen at a cellular level. Dr. Arthur C. Guyton MD.Author “The Textbook on Medical Physiology”


Our modern way of life fraught with environmental pollution, water contamination, deforestation, breakage in the ozone layer and industrial waste; have contributed to an oxygen reduction in an alarming way.

The majority of diseases that human beings suffer are caused by chronic oxygen deficiency to a cellular level, which leads to dangerous toxin accumulation and acid waste in our system, creating a favorable environment for bacteria, viruses and pathogens. This anaerobic (lack of oxygen) condition can produce cellular mutation.

EVERYONE can take SynergyO2!

 We need to raise our oxygen levels to have better health and more energy. Synergy O2 gives your body the necessary elements to raise your oxygen levels, helping to eliminate accumulated waste inside our organism.

Is SynergyO2 a medicine?

Synergy O2 is not a medicine. Synergy O2 is a dietary supplement. It works according the body’s priorities and starts to work where it needs it most.

Electric Equilibrium and Electromagnetism

Synergy O2 helps increase the vibration frequencies of the organs, thus stimulating and fortifying the immune system.

Biological Equilibrium

Helps enhance the digestive process. It also helps reduce metabolic intoxication and inadequate nutrition to the cells.

Chemical Equilibrium

Synergy O2 provides the essentials amino acids aiding the metabolism of proteins. It helps normalize the body’s pH.

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