Starkey Series 110 IIC hearing aides – left and right ear (1 pair) – new



This sale is for a pair (left and right ear) hearing aides. 

The X Series hearing aids come in a number of styles, depending on the user’s preference and availability. This pair are to be had in Invisible-In-The-Canal (IIC) (with the SoundLens 11).  The X Series 110 is ideal for hearing in very loud environments, such as sporting events, around loud music, or in the car down to personal conversations to whispers in a church.  These are hearing amplification systems.
I was once given this pair by the VA even as at the same time my work insurance covered some other pair that I currently use.  These are modern.  I am including my original testing parameters so you’ll be able to see what my hearing was once, in addition to two complete boxes of the P10 batteries used in these hearing aids.  That may be 120 batteries to get you began.


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