SPINERGY 30 SPOKE WIRE WHEELS with Hand-rim for Wheelchair



24″x1 / 25″x 1/ 26″x 1 SPINERGY 30 SPOKE REAR WHEELS Your Choice! 

Specify size needed at auction end
Specify wheelchair brand and your current hub width at auction end

Wheels Fit most brands. Specify the brand and current hub width when ordering. Measure from outer bearing to outer bearing. If your bearings are 2 inches apart this wheel will work on your wheelchair without any changes. If your bearings (hub width) are less than 2 inches apart you’ll need a adjust your axle nut or possibly purchase a longer axle. Again, specify the brand of wheelchair and current hub width at the end of the auction If you’re unsure whether you’ll need a different axle.


24 in. (540) Spinergy 30 Spoke Aluminum Wheelchair Wheels (2)

  • Featuring straight pull spokes for less metal fatigue (spokes come straight out of the hub without bending)
  • Rim is made from double-walled aluminum for added strength
  • Low flange hub design with 2″ hub width (measured from out of doors diameter (OD) bearing to (OD) bearing
  • Clear anodized aluminum 6 tab push rim with 2 hole adjustment
  • Included 1/2 precision bearings pre-installed
  • Sold as a complete pair and comes completely assembled ready to go

Fitment – a variety of wheelchairs from Invacare (Top End), TiLite, Quickie, Colours, or any other brand needing a 24 inch or 540 mm size wheel. This wheelchair wheel fits wheelchairs the usage of a 1/2 inch diameter axle bolt or 1/2 inch diameter quick release axle. To know if your existing axle will work, add the width of the hub (2″) and add it to the length of your axle receiver tube* on the wheelchair and add approx 1/2″ for the axle nut. If the axle isn’t long enough it is important to get a longer one. If you’re the usage of quick release axles, the length of the axle is measured from the underside of the adjustment nut to the start of the retractable ball. Most quick release axles have an adjustment up to a 1/4″ for a snug fit.

* HOW TO MEASURE AXLE RECEIVER TUBE LENGTH. To measure your receiver tube length, simply get a common carpentry nail that may be no less than 4″ long. With the wheel removed from your wheelchair insert the nail, head first into the axle receiver tube until the nail head catches on the other side of the tube. Place a mark on the nail and remove. Measure the distance from the nail head to the mark to find the length of your axle receiver.

This is a brilliant having a look wheel at an affordable price. Accepts Navigal 24X2.1 in tires and looks awsome!


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