Solgar U-Cubes Children’s Calcium D3 Gummies 120 Ct



Solgar has been crafting nutritional supplements for generations�over 65 years. And identical to all our supplements, U-Cubes� Calcium with D3 Gummies have the benefit of the extensive science and knowledge in the back of our name.

These advisable gummies will also be taken by myself or in combination with Solgar U-Cubes� Multivitamin Gummies. Each and every serving of tapioca-based U-Cubes� Calcium with D3 provides the pediatrician-advisable dosage of Vitamin D3¹�600 IU (per 4 gummies) offers 150% DV of Vitamin D3 for children 4 years and up�and 75% DV (300 IU, per 2 gummies) for children 2 and 3 years of age. Vitamin D3 assists in the absorption of calcium to promote healthy bones and teeth.* It also supports immune-system health.*

U-Cubes� Calcium with D3 Gummies are made the Solgar way. That means that they�re crafted in small batches to assist ensure the best quality. They�re also non-GMO plus rigorously tested for safety and potency�but never animal tested. The result? A great-tasting gummy that U will also be sure is great for your children.

1The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends children and adolescents receive 600 IU of Vitamin D per day. These gummies provide 600 IU per 4 gummies for children 4 and up and 300 IU per 2 gummies for children 2 to 3.


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