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SR-CelerySeed-1154Green—Single Herbs. With over 130 herbs—from açaí to yucca—Solaray offers the greatest selection of single herbs in the marketplace today. The green lid herbs are for consumers who prefer a single herb and/or who may also wish to combine several single herbs of their own choosing. We purchase herbs the world over and thoroughly test them to ensure their authenticity and purity.


The herbs consist of single herb parts, such as the below ground root, rhizome or tuber. or above ground herb part as bark, stem, leaves, flowers, seed, silk, bulb or fruit. You’re going to all the time know which herb part is used in a Solaray green lid herb because it’s going to be listed on the side panel of the label. Each label also carries a Green Screened logo to indicate that the herbs have been thoroughly tested for microbials, heavy metals, herbicides and pesticides to ensure their purity. We do not accept irradiated herbs.


SR-CinnamonBark-11836Maroon—Guaranteed Potency (GP) Herbal Extracts. These GP herbal extracts include approximately 150 different extracts, from 5-HTP to Yohimbe extract. The GP herbs are for consumers who prefer extracts that identify certain marker compounds used in more than a few studies. Herbal extracts combine historical herbal usage with the innovative science of the 21st century. The herbs are tested to ensure a guaranteed potency of marker/active compounds and they are also Green Screened. Solaray Herbal Extracts feature the following information on every label:


  • To avoid any confusion, the herb is clearly identified by its common name, as well as its Latin name according to the Herbs of Commerce (HOC) book produced by the American Herbal Products Association (AHPA).
  • The herb part from which the extract was produced is also identified, since each part of the plant can have different marker/active compounds.
  • The marker/active compound(s) are identified by name.
  • The percentage and quantity of the extract are noted in mg or mcg so the consumer doesn’t have to do the math.
  • Whenever conceivable, Solaray Herbal Extracts use whole herbs to complement the extract fairly than an inert filler (such as cellulose or rice) in the belief that the whole herbs may act synergistically with the extract. The Solaray line of herbal extracts is designed for the modern consumer who wants a guaranteed potency product based on sound scientific methodology.



SR-LiverBlendSP13-2130Blue—Solar Products (SP) Blends. The original Solaray “Solar Products,” these SP Herb Blends are unique combinations of key herbs, combined with aromatic and carminative herbs, demulcent and cleansing herbs and a unique combination of specially selected homeopathic cell salts (from 12 mineral salts that are found in every living organism).These SP Herb Blends are the foundation on which all the line of the Solaray spectrum of herbs was launched. Forty-plus years after their introduction, these combination herbs are still favorites with consumers who imagine that combinations produce the best synergistic results.


SR-Sage-38170Yellow—Organically Grown Herbs. Launched in the spring of 2000, this herb line is a response to a growing consumer desire for premier, organically-grown herbs. Solaray product developers know that consumers of organically-grown herbs are very discriminating and want herbs without fillers or excipients; many have environmental concerns; some are vegetarian. This line offers herbs that are certified to be organically grown, that contain no fillers or excipients of any kind, and that are available in vegetarian capsules. This line is designed to satisfy the most discriminating purist.


SR-Ashwagandha-39902Black—Ayurvedic Herbs. The black lids of the Solaray Ayurvedic line complement the orange and black label of this exotic line of herbal extracts used in Ayurvedic medicine, a system of healing that dates back 5,000 years. The Solaray Ayurvedic herb line was launched in 1997 to introduce the best of the ancient Eastern herbal extracts with the quality testing that is demanded of Western supplements. The line provides extracts for the adventurous and for the knowledgeable traditional consumer who feels that 5,000 years of experience speaks for itself!


SR-CoolCayenne-8106Red—Cool Cayenne Herbs. The red lids for our Cool Cayenne herbs are specially prepared, with a completely unique and proprietary Bio-Cool process, which keeps the cayenne spicy-hot, but won’t burn your stomach. So hot, they are cool! The heat units are listed on the label, from 40,000 to the 100,000 heat units in our Extra Hot formula.



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