SleepSense Adult Nasal ThermoCan Cannula



SleepSense Adult Nasal ThermoCan Cannula

SleepSense Adult Nasal ThermoCan Cannula

The SleepSense Adult Nasal ThermoCan Cannula has a unique built-in thermistor that makes it easier and more economical to monitor thermal and pressure go with the flow at the same time. Reusable ThermoCan Interface Cables easily insert into the sides of the ThermoCan Cannula, transmitting the thermal airflow signal to the PSG system and replacing the need for expensive thermistors.

The 2 foot (60 cm) cannula is perfect for HST devices or systems utilizing a patient unit, requiring a shorter thermal + pressure combination solution. It may be used with the PDX ThermoCan Interface Cable (#1479) or ThermoCan Interface Cable with Key Connector (#1482).

This product is designed for diagnostic purposes only, and isn’t for use as an apnea monitor or in a life sustaining situation. US Federal Law restricts this device to sale, distribution, and use by or on the order of a physician.

SleepSense Adult Nasal ThermoCan Cannula Features:

  • Disposable.
  • Optimal patient comfort.
  • One-time-use (do not sterilize).
  • No cleaning or breakage.
  • Low cost per use.
  • Tailored to your system specifications.

SleepSense Adult Nasal ThermoCan Cannula Options:

  • 15807-2: 2 feet (Box of 1).
  • 15807-2-25: 2 feet (Box of 25).
  • 15807-2-50: 2 feet (Box of 50).
  • 15807: 7 feet (Box of 1).
  • 15807-25: 7 feet (Box of 25).
  • 15807-50: 7 feet (Box of 50).

SleepSense Adult Nasal ThermoCan Cannula Literature:

SleepSense ThermoCan 2-Ft Adult Thermal Cannula User Manual

SleepSense ThermoCan 7-Ft Adult Thermal Cannula User Manual

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