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You no longer have to let mobility issues slow you down or stop you from living your life the way you wish to have to. Fitted with a quick-connect battery, 3 puncture-proof tires and a detachable basket, this lightweight mobility Scooter will have you scooting around town in style!

The Shoprider Echo 3 wheel mobility scooter not only can be used when shopping or attending events. It can also be used to roam at home when taking care of chores or visiting with family. Although the Shoprider Echo 3 is compact and lightweight, it is also exceptionally durable and has a weight capacity of 250 lbs. Feel free to scroll below to see a video of the Echo 3 in action ! 


  • Dry cell battery for safe airplane travel
  • Easy to disassemble with the heaviest part weighting only 35 lbs.
  • Public transportation friendly
  • Equipped with puncture proof tires
  • Lightweight & compact, easy to lift and put in the trunk of your car.


  • Weight Capacity : 250 lbs
  • Product Weight : 70 lbs.
  • Battery Weight : 15 lbs.


  • Overall Width : 20″
  • Overall Length : 37″
  • Overall Height : 36″
  • Seat Width : 18″
  • Seat Depth : 16″
  • Seat-to-Floor Height : 17.5″
  • Front Wheel Size : 8″
  • Rear Wheel Size : 8″


  • Top Speed : 3.8 mph
  • Driving Range : 8 miles
  • Ground Clearance : 1,50″
  • Heaviest Piece : 35 lbs.
  • Disassembles : Yes
  • Airplane Safe : Yes
  • Max Climbing Angle : 10 Degrees
  • Turning Radius : 32″
  • Battery Type : 12 V 10Ah 
  • Batteries Included : Yes

Other Specs:

  • Height Adjustable Seat : Yes
  • Frame Colors : Blue/Red
  • Headlight : No
  • Tire Type : Puncture Proof 

FAQ About The Echo 3 Wheels Scooter

Q: Does This Scooter Drives Backwards ? 

A: Yes, and it makes that little beeping sound even as it does.

Q: How will the scooter be delivered and when will I receive it ?

A : The scooter is delivered straight to your door through our curbside delivery service. If you live in a residence or apartment, we will be able to manage to bring the unit inside your building. The day before the delivery, we will be able to send you an e-mail with your tracking number and let you know the exact date and time of the day at which the scooter will arrive. 

Delivery time is variable and dependant on multiple factors. If you want to get an expedited delivery (1-2 days) please mention it with your order (extra-fees may apply) or select the Pay Pal Express Option at checkout (3-5 days + no fees). Otherwise delivery time can take up to 3 weeks for certain items.

Q: What’s the weight of the heaviest piece when disassembled ? 

A : The heaviest piece weights 35 lbs. 

Q : Can it go on a plane ? 

A: Yes, it’s a dry cell battery and our customers fly with it all the times.

Q: What’s the life of the battery and how much a new one costs ? 

A: The battery life is usually 18 Months depending on how you’re using it. A new battery pack costs 199$. Just call us and we’ll be able to set you up for a new one.


A: All Shoprider products including the Echo 3 comes with a full 3 years warranty on frame (platform, fork, seat posts, frame welds), 1 year on Motor/Brakes/transaxle, 1 year on electronics & 6 Months on battery. It is to note that warranty are only applicable to the original owner. 

Q: Why Should I buy the Echo 3 from Reliving Mobility ?

A: Reliving Mobility knows that you’re putting substantial money on the line and that you wish to keep your scooter for future years. That’s why we offer after sale services such as in-home repairs and consultations. We’ve built a network around the united statesand may be able to connect you with a mobility scooter expert in your area whenever you wish to have one. In short, we’ll be taking care of you.

Additionally, we have trained experts qualified in Home Medical Equipments ready to answer your questions everyday of the week from 9am-5pm. We provide personalised customer service and seek to solve your specific problems.


Don’t hesitate to contact us for more questions. You’ll be able to also reach out via Live Chat, e-mail or phone at 1 (438) 498-8869. 


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