RPN Havoc Complete Supplement Cycle Stack. FREE Shipping



RPN Havoc Stack 

Complete Cycle!


RPN Havoc Stack (Complete Cycle) 

Havoc is understood for the large strength gains and increased lean body mass from users. Now to get these gains, it’s important to be protected about your cycle and you should definitely come with pct supplements to be sure you keep your strength and mass gains after the cycle. For this reason created created this stack.


  • RPN Havoc – 1 bottle:  
  • LeCheek Nutrition Cycle Armor – 1 bottle:
  • LeCheek Nutrition AD-3 PCT – 1 bottle:

* Complete stack as listed above (all 3 products included)


Complete 8 Week Cycle:  

Weeks 1-4 ~ RPN Havoc – As a dietary supplement, take 2-3 capsules day-to-day as needed.
Weeks 1-4 ~ LeCheek Nutrition Cycle Armor – Take 2 capsules with food anytime all through the day.
Weeks 5-8 ~ LeCheek Nutrition AD-3 PCT – As a dietary supplement take 2 capsules at night before bed. 


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