Roche ACCU-CHEK Active Diabetic Test Strips – Box of 50 (2box)




Product description

Features: *Blood volume: 1-2 μL *Measuring range: 10 mg/dL
– 600 mg/dL *Sample types: Capillary blood.

If the test strip is
removed from the meter to apply blood: venous blood anticoagulated with
lithium heparin or ammonium heparin or EDTA arterial blood and blood
from neonates *
 Sample dosing:
Blood application on to the middle of the
test pad.
The test strip (and its components) has the function to spread
the blood above the test area – in a quick and hygienic way
options: Blood can also be applied to both an already inserted test strip,
and a tests travel outdoor the meter.
This is helpful to minimize the risk
of contamination when a meter has a couple of users (e.g. in a hospital)
and, in case of AST, to facilitate blood application
capability: Additional blood can also be added to the test strip within 10
seconds after applying the first drop (applies for inside mode)
color check: Plausibility check option with 5 color block on the test
strip vial
*Hematocrit range: 20 – 55 % (within-meter mode) 20 – 70 %
(outdoor-meter mode) *The test strips remain stable no less than up to the
expiry date imprinted on the test strip vial, even after opening (the test
strip container will have to be closed tightly after every test strip is
How to use Accu-Chek Active Test Strips: *Ensure your hands
are clean and dry
*Take a test strip from the pot and close the lid
immediately. The meter will turn on automatically after inserting the
test strip into the test strip guide (in the direction of the arrows)
*After a short display check and code number confirmation (corresponding
with the code on the test strip pot), the test strip and flashing blood
drop symbols will appear on the display.
Apply a drop of blood to the
green field on the test strip and cast off your finger.
The results will
show after 5 seconds
*The meter will turn off automatically by disposing of
the test strip.
The result is stored in the memory with date and time




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