Resound Unite TV Streamer 2 for Resound Hearing Aids



Resound Unite TV Streamer 2 for Resound Hearing Aids

Enough sound to go around

The ReSound Unite™ TV Streamer 2 transforms your hearing aids into
wireless headphones. It sends stereo sound directly from your TV, stereo
or computer directly into your hearing aids from up to 23 feet away.

Real-life benefits:

TV watching becomes a breeze

Do you have to choose from watching
TV alone or not having the ability to hear when your family watches it?  You
can turn up the volume to your hearing aids independently of the volume
everyone else hears.

Have troubles hearing the conversation around you when the TV is on? With the Remote Keep an eye on 2 or Keep an eye on app, you’ll be able to adjust both the volume of the TV program and the volume of your hearing instruments independently.
Answer the phone without interuption

Can’t hear the phone when you watch TV? When you have the Phone Clip+ a telephone call will override the TV so you’ll be able to make a decision to respond to or reject the call.

Have a newer digital TV or an elderly analog model? It doesn’t matter – the TV Streamer 2 is compatible with all TV models.

Getting started is easy

The ReSound Unite TV Streamer 2 is very handy and easy to set up and
use. It’ll quickly transform a valued a part of your daily life.  

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