Quercetin Powder – New Resveratrol 1200mg – Super Antioxidants – Now Pills 6B



New Resveratrol 1200mg
Same Benefits of Red Wine, Without The Alcohol & Calories.

Anti-Aging, Antioxidant & Anti-Inflammatory.
The Metabolic Benefits of Calorie Restriction. 
Reduction of Oxidative Damage Common With Aging.
Support Healthy Blood Sugar & Blood Pressure Levels.
Maintenance a Healthy Cardiovascular System.
Increase Fat Oxidation & Metabolism.
(6 Bottles, 360 Capsules)
Made In USA

History Of Resveratrol:

Although continuously mistakenly noted as originally isolated from Japanese knotweed (Polygonum capsidatum), a plant used in traditional folk medicines to treat many ailments, resveratrol was actually first isolated in 1940 from white hellebore roots by the Japanese scientist Michio Takaoka. Modern scientists began investigating resveratrol for its potential medicinal value in the 1970s after it was discovered grape vines produced resveratrol when infected with fungus. Further research determined that plants gave the impression to produce resveratrol in response to stress from injuries or diseases as a protective mechanism to limit the damage and extent of infection. Of the two isomer forms of resveratrol, trans-resveratrol is regarded as to exert more biological activity and is usually the more prevalent.

Can Resveratrol Really Help You Lose Weight?

Resveratrol is located in Red Wine, but can also been found in grapes and grape juice. So if you do not drink, eating grapes and drinking grape juice can be good beneficial alternatives. Another alternative is taking a resveratrol supplement, not only can this supplement produce weight loss it can also prevent anti–aging as well. Studies have found that you’ll be able to use resveratrol to speed up your metabolism to help you burn more calories during the day. If you are just starting out on your weight loss journey – or have been there for a even as and are looking for a way to boost your weight loss efforts – imagine adding a resveratrol supplement. Because resveratrol is a natural supplement that has a number of proven health benefits, you’ll likely see some great results.

Resveratrol Studies:

In 1963, resveratrol was identified in the roots of a traditional Chinese and Japanese medicinal plant called Japanese knotweed. The Japanese knotweed is often referred to as ko-jo-kon in Japanese or Polygonum cuspidatum in Latin. It has been used to fight a wide range of afflictions, including fungal, skin inflammations, and liver and cardiovascular ptoblems. In 1992, resveratrol came to scientific attention when Dr. Serge Renaud coined the phrase “French Paradox”. It has been observed that the French suffer a relatively low incidence of coronary heart problems despite having a diet relatively rich in saturated fats. This led to research indicating that regular consumption of red wine might provide additional protection from cardiovascular problems, the presence of resveratrol was reported in red wines and recognized as a biological active compound by Siemann and Creasy.  A number of epidemiological studies suggested that the moderate consumption of red wine by French and other Mediterranean population was connected with the reduced incidence of cardiovascular problem, despite high-fat diet, little exercise and widespread smoking.

Resveratrol and The French Paradox:

It is widely known that French cuisine features foods that are rich and contain saturated fats, yet the French people are among the slimmest people in the world. Dr. Serge Renaud coined the phrase the “French Paradox” to describe the ability of the French to eat a diet rich in saturated fats and still remain thin. Additionally, the “French Paradox” focused on the fact that French people also suffer low instances of heart problems. Doctors and researchers theorized that perhaps the alcohol consumption of the French had something to do with their ability to maintain healthy weights and healthy hearts.

How Resveratrol Keeps You Young & Healthy:

Who doesn’t love the idea of a multi-faceted supplement that seems to do it all? Resveratrol tops the list, especially in terms of body composition. A study published in the FASEB Journal, suggests resveratrol may prevent the negative effects of a sedentary lifestyle. The study simulated the weightlessness of spaceflight giving one group resveratrol and the other none. Resveratrol can work for you both in and out of the gym by preventing a decline in metabolic health (and tissue like muscle and bone) when your levels of activity are at a minimum. Its bone-density preserving properties also show promise for women at risk for osteoporosis.

Resveratrol For Endurance Enhancement:

Do you get turned off with the mere thought of endurance training? What if you could enhance your results? According to a 2012 Canadian study, resveratrol supplementation could provide similar skeletal muscle benefits as endurance training. Resveratrol supplementation also resulted in an increase of endurance, oxidative metabolism, and enhanced cardiac function. Better yet, the combination of endurance training with resveratrol supplementation resulted in a performance increase of 21%. Be smart: Continue endurance training and imagine resveratrol supplementation to augment results.

Health Benefits of Resveratrol:

Resveratrol is a special type of antioxidant, called a phytoalexin. It’s found in the skin of red grapes, red wine, purple grape juice, peanuts and raspberries. It’s synthesized in plants as a defense against invading fungi. What researchers have found is that similar protective benefits of resveratrol are passed onto humans when they consume it. Resveratrol may reduced the risk of death from a high calorie (HC) diet by 31%. In addition,  Resveratrol actually improved motor skills wen you got older. In effect, showed that Resveratrol given orally could prolong life and reduce the risks associated with a high calorie diet. Resveratrol supplements are also thought to have a very positive effect in terms of heart health, again on account of the fact that it is a natural and rich source of antioxidants. Heart health is improved on account of the antioxidants that actually inhibit the build-up of cholesterol.

Resveratrol Benefits:
  • Maintenance of a healthy cardiovascular system
  • Support of healthy blood glucose and blood pressure levels
  • Maintenance of healthy neurocognitive function
  • Reduction of oxidative damage common with aging
  • The metabolic benefits of calorie restriction
  • Increase of fat oxidation and storage capacity in muscles
  • Antioxidant & Anti-inflammatory Properties
  • Same benefits of red wine, without the alcohol or calories
Quercetin Powder – New Resveratrol 1200mg – Super Antioxidants – Now Pills 6B
Ingredients: Proprietary Blend: 1,200 mg Resveratrol (from polygonum cuspidatum, standardized extract), Pomegranate, Green Tea, Quercetin (from Citrus Bioflavonoids), Grape Seed Extract (standardized for polyphenois), Acai (4:1 extract), Enzymes.

Other Ingredients: Calcium Carbonate, Magnesium Stearate, Gelatin.

Serving Size: 2 Capsules, Servings per container: 30

Directions:Take one capsule twice daily 30 minutes before meals with an 8oz glass of water.

Quality Guaranteed: To ensure that our Formula contains best ingredients, we meticulously analyze every batch in our labs to guarantee the highest quality.

CAUTION: Do not exceed recommended dose. Pregnant or nursing mothers, children under the age of 18, and individuals with a known medical condition should consult a physician before using this or any dietary supplement.


*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.


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