PVI OnTrac Wheelchair Ramps, Scooter Ramps, 8 Sizes Access Ramps.



PVI OnTrac Wheelchair Ramps, Scooter Ramps, Access Ramps.

Brand New from an Authorized PVI Dealer, Includes Full Warranty!

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The OnTrac ramp is a secure, safe
and ideal for scooters, walkers wheelchairs, canes, and crutches. Heavy
duty and extra wide, this 36″ ramp features an 850-pound weight capacity
and easily accommodates wider chairs. Extruded aluminum handrails give a
clean and modern appearance with a purpose to coordinate with any home. This
lightweight ramp is ideal for temporary or semi-permanent home access.
  • Quickly Installs in minutes. Ramp is very easy to install and break down if need be.
  • Durable and weather resistant the
    PVI OnTrac is ideal for any climate. The milled grooves on the platform
    are slip resistant and work great in rain and wet snow. Heat tracks are
    really helpful for ice and below freezing precipitation.
  • Side Guards are integrated to ensure wheelchair and scooter don’t go off track.
  • Milled Platform features slip resistant grooved aluminum surface
  • Proudly Made in the united states: PVI
    builds their ramps in Nebraska with the highest quality aluminum
    making an allowance for a 850 lbs weight capacity and lightweight portability
    compared to Chinese manufacturers who use inferior aluminum and weaker
  • Aircraft Grade Lightweight Aluminum PVI has the lightest wheelchair ramp on the market
  • 36″ Platform Width provides excellent stability fitting all wheelchairs and power scooters.
  • Steel Security Pins Included
    The general public just set the ramp down and use, but security pins are
    included for additional safety and security of the ramp when in place
  • Lifetime Warranty PVI has set the standard in quality for wheelchair ramps and stand at the back of it with a limited lifetime warranty


  • Ramps are welded in lengths of 3′, 4’, 5’, 6’, 7’, 8’, 9′ & 10′
  • Installs in minutes
  • Durable and weather resistant
  • Features 2” Curbing
  • Slip resistant grooved aluminum surface
  • All aluminum construction
  • Little or no maintenance
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty
  • All lengths are Deliverable by UPS or FedEx

ADA extended handrail to be had upon request.
Optional white powder coated handrail; contact us for more information. 

OnTrac with Handrails

Model Number Size L x W Weight Capacity*
XPS336 3′ x 36″ 49 850 lbs.
XPS436 4′ x 36″ 59 850 lbs.
XPS536 5′ x 36″ 69 850 lbs.
XPS636 6′ x 36″ 88 850 lbs.
XPS736 7′ x 36″ 98 850 lbs.
XPS836 8′ x 36″ 108 850 lbs.
XPS936 9′ x 36″ 117 850 lbs.
XPS1036 10′ x 36″ 127 850 lbs.

OnTrac without Handrails

Model Number Size L x W Weight Capacity*
XPS336NR 3′ x 36″ 25 850 lbs.
XPS436NR 4′ x 36″ 33 850 lbs.
XPS536NR 5′ x 36″ 42 850 lbs.
XPS636NR 6′ x 36″ 53 850 lbs.
XPS736NR 7′ x 36″ 61 850 lbs.
XPS836NR 8′ x 36″ 69 850 lbs.
XPS936NR 9′ x 36″ 76 850 lbs.
XPS1036NR 10′ x 36″ 84 850 lbs.

 * Maximum ramp capacity: 425 lbs. (one axle) – 850 lbs. (two axles).


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