Pure DMSA Powder 50 grams from Canada (equal to 500, 100mg caps) Exp Jan/2020



50 grams of Pure DMSA Powder (no excipient)
Equal to 500 capsules of 100mg of DMSA per capsule


Expiration date Jan 2020 (January, twenty twenty) – Manufactured January 2017
Compounding Pharmacy Batch – T0328

Sealed with tamper child proof lid
Protected from light and air as needed in white opaque bottle

Product of Canada (compounding pharmacy prices for DMSA just went up so much, price in future might be higher) – Ships from California

These are the last bottles I’ve – not sure when I will be able to have more

Dissolves easily and quickly in water
Can be added to water, juice or other beverage without noticeable change in taste nor texture. (700mg DMSA added to 1/8 cup water  =  a lemon citrus taste with background sulfur aroma).

I get well results from the pure DMSA powder than capsules.
The extremely top of the range of this DMSA powder will reveal itself to you too
The body reveals the truth of quality and individually appropriate products

You will desire a microgram scale
AWS-100 on Amazon is lower than $11 and very accurate
Measures 0.01g (.01 = 10mg) to 100g
See photo to peer how simple it is

Pharmaceutical Laboratory Certificate of Analysis provided on request


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