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If you are concerned about your prostate

or the prostate of someone you know

then it would be best to read this:


Each year millions of men develop enlarged, inflamed, or life threatening tumorous prostates. Most men are expected to have some type of prostate issue and the longer you live the more you are at risk, but prostate massage can help!

Prostate massage or “prostate milking” increases circulation and reduces suffering in many cases. Medical doctors have prescribed prostate massage for centuries. Prostate massage is without doubt one of the oldest and most beneficial therapies and it feels wonderful!


“All prescriptions should be combined with massage.”

– Hippocrates, father of western medicine


Here is the good news:

Prostate massage just got easier. Men in the end have a noninvasive solution! After ten years of research and guidance from medical doctors, the world’s first anatomical non-invasive prostate massager was created. Beginning right now you’ll have a longer and higher quality of life, both physical and sexual health!

The Prostate Cradle was invented by a Certified Massage Therapist (C.M.T.) inflicted with prostate health challenges. His doctor recommended prostate massage therapy. On the other hand, at the time the only prostate massagers available were invasive. This involves rectum insertion… there had to be in a different way!

The Prostate Cradle is easy to use, just sit on it! No movement or vibration is required. Body weight creates gentle pressure for a stimulating massage. The Cradle reaches underneath the pelvic arch to stimulate the prostate & perineum areas. It works ‘hands free’ even over clothing. The Cradle is discreet: no one can tell when you are using it! Use the Cradle on a normal chair even as doing normal things like reading or using a pc.


What the Cradle can do for you:

The Cradle gives you all the benefits of a preventative medical prostate massage with no invasive massage required!

As an additional benefit, the Cradle can be used as a trainer to help men discover hidden Tantra acupressure points. Stimulating these areas can arouse, heighten, and prolong sensual adventures indefinitely! This helps to even the sensual playing field between partners, including those challenged with E.D. 

Many Tantra secrets are revealed in the detailed guide booklet, which describes how to massage the entire perineum or Male G-spot area. Stimulating this area can lead to timeless moments beyond anything you have ever experienced! 


“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”

– Benjamin Franklin


Praise from 1000’s of customers:

“Cradle It!” M&F Magazine

“I got relief.” – J.A.

“Urinary go with the flow is better!” – D.G.

“Wish I found it sooner.” – C.D.

“Highly versatile!” – T.M.

“Highly, highly recommended!” P.R.

“Many thanks for a great product.” – R.S.

“It rubs places that have never been rubbed!” – K.T.

“The more I use it the better my prostate feels!” – H.N.

“A simple and easy way to massage the prostate!” – J.P.

“It’s so easy and the feeling is indescribably good!” – A.L.

“I used to be above the clouds.”– M.G.

“Mind altering… works like a dream” – D.R.

“The pleasure is in the prostate.” – R.M.

“Prolonged pleasure beyond belief!” – J.Z.

“Amazing Invention!” – AVN Magazine

“You now have a non-invasive option: the Prostate Cradle

...and prostate massage can cause more intense orgasms.”

–  Muscle & Fitness Magazine   Review 10/08





Purchase the Cradle for yourself or for a prostate you care about

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