Prodovite Athletic Nutrition(1pk) – Changes the Blood Cells In 5 Minutes see VID




Prodovite Liquid Prodosomal Supplement is 100x stronger than Liposomal
This auction is for:     1 bottle of Prodovite premium nutritional supplement, 30oz .

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Prodovite is a premium liquid multi: mineral, vitamin, botanical supplement in a liposomal wrap up to 100 concentric layers called a prodosome.

Prodosomes are literally 100 times more power packed than a standard liposome.

What is a liposome?  Ever heard of Liposomal Vitamin C ?  For an example, regular vitamin C powder is not well absorbed.  It’s only absorbed at about 19% but when the vitamin C is made into a liposomal form it is now 95% absorb able.  That is a whopping increase.

So why is Prodovite unmatched anywhere on the earth? 

Because Prodovite literally has 100’s of nutrients in specific ratio’s and specific particle size all wrapped into a Liposomal Cluster that is bound to additional clusters inside of additional Liposomal Clusters up to 100 concentric layers and 99% gets absorbed into the blood stream and has a positive effects on the blood cells in 5 minutes.  This has been show by Dark Field Blood Microscopy.  The blood test results are implausible and there is not any one that I know of that hasn’t had amazing results via the Dark Field Blood Microscopy test.

When you Positively Change Your Cells, You Positively Change Your Life.

To see the advantages that you’ll get watch this 5 minute video and see for yourself. 
You will also be capable of download the clinical studies as well  and gets some answers to your questions.
Breath Taking Video Here

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Canadians will receive a partial refund for shipping discount. approx $20 refund depending on territory.
*Note for outside the us customers*
All other country’s the shipping & handling is $35.  If you wish to have multiple bottle email me and I can work up a best price for you.


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