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This product is sealed to maintain hygiene and cannot be returned if any sealed part has been opened. 

LSI-K2: POWERbreathe® K2

– Auto-optimising IMT – automatically adapts to your training

– Training Intensity –
can be set to ‘auto’ or ‘manual’ for increasing/decreasing load intensity

K-Series Electronic Variable Threshold Resistance Training

Breathing physiology indicates that when your lungs are empty
the breathing muscles are at their strongest. Then again, as they fill up with air
they start to lose strength and therefore at high loads they may be able to’t maintain a
full contraction right through an entire breath.

The POWERbreathe K-Series uses Electronic Variable Threshold
Resistance Training to overcome this. This type of training offers a tapered
loading resistance to match the contraction curve of your own breathing muscles
right through your entire breath. This enables you to complete a full breath and
muscular contraction at an optimal resistance.

The K-Series will automatically adapt
to increases in your inspiratory muscle strength at the beginning of each
training session.

  • Training Guidance – guides you to breathe at an appropriate rate

  • Training Results – scroll between results for Load, Power and

  • Single Breath Test – measures inspiratory muscle strength, peak
    inspiratory flow rate and inhaled volume in a single breath

  • Training Index – displays the percentage effectiveness and
    effectiveness rating (Poor – Excellent) of your breathing training session
    based upon the work you achieved.

POWERbreathe is a scientifically proven Inspiratory Muscle
Training (IMT) device, developed by leading scientists for making improvements to the
strength and endurance of the muscles used to breathe in, primarily the
diaphragm and intercostals / rib cage muscles.

As with any other
muscle, respiratory muscles can be trained so that they are more resistant to
fatigue. This resistance to fatigue results in reduced breathlessness and
enhanced exercise tolerance. 

Your POWERbreathe® will be exposed to saliva all through use. We recommend that a
few times a week you remove the valve head and soak it in warm water for about
10 minutes (see POWERbreathe
® Manual for full
details), but once a week soak the valve head in hot (not boiling) soapy

POWERbreathe RMT/IMT is drug free, suitable for almost anyone and
should cause no harmful side effects when used properly. Please read the
following precautions and contraindications to ensure that you use your
POWERbreathe safely and as it should be.

and Precautions:

If you have any doubts
about POWERbreathe’s suitability, or you have a medical condition, please
consult your doctor.

muscle training, such as training with POWERbreathe®, is not recommended for
patients with a history of spontaneous pneumothorax (a collapsed lung that was not
because of traumatic injury e.g. broken rib), as it may lead to a recurrence of the

  • Following a traumatic pneumothorax and/or broken
    rib, POWERbreathe
    ® should not be used prior to
    full recovery.

  • POWERbreathe® is not suitable for asthma patients who have low symptom
    perception and suffer from frequent, severe exacerbations.

  • Do not make changes to any prescribed medication
    or prescribed remedy programme without consulting your doctor. This product
    is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

  • POWERbreathe® is designed for exercising your inspiratory muscles only. No
    other use is intended or implied. Anyone who is under the age of 16 should only
    use POWERbreathe with supervision from an adult. POWERbreathe
    ® contains small parts and is not suitable for children under
    7 years.

  • While training with POWERbreathe® you should feel resistance when inhaling but it should not
    be painful. If you should feel pain at the same time as using POWERbreathe
    ®, stop immediately and consult your doctor.

  • Some users may experience slight ear discomfort
    when training with POWERbreathe
    ®, especially if
    they are recovering from a cold. This is caused by inadequate equalization of
    pressure between the mouth and ears. If symptoms persist, please consult your

  • If you are suffering from a cold, sinusitis or
    respiratory tract infection, we advise that you do not use your POWERbreathe
    ® until symptoms have disappeared. If in doubt, consult your
    doctor. Do not use POWERbreathe
    ® if you are
    suffering from a ruptured eardrum.

  • To prevent the potential transmission of
    infections, we recommend that you do not share your POWERbreathe
    ® with other users, including members of the family.


This product is sealed to maintain hygiene and cannot be
returned if any sealed part has been opened. 

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