Phonak Roger X receiver (type 02)



Roger X type 02 ear level receivers work fully automatically, there are no buttons and there’s no programming software. There are special settings to be had to be used with cochlear implant processors via the Roger inspiro menu. 

The Roger X type 02 receivers are to be used with any Roger transmitter i.e. Roger inspiro, Roger Pen and Roger Clip-On Mic transmitters. 

Communication settings are remembered when power to the Roger X receiver is lost, eg when changing a hearing aid battery or adjusting an instantaneous input shoe. 

The Roger X is easy to fit with no user adjustments. It does not wish to be orientated but the hearing aids will require the FM program. 

There is minimal setting up and, with no connecting wires, it has high visual appeal it’s the cosmetics and small size which appeals to people.

Please note that Roger X receivers don’t seem to be compatible with any generation of SmartLink, ZoomLink, EasyLink or non-premium inspiro transmitters. 


  • Roger digital wireless technology 
  • very small in size and weight
  • compatible with virtually all in the back of-the-ear hearing instruments
  • compatible with Cochlear BP100, BP110 Bahas, Cochlear Baha 4 & with the Advanced Bionics cochlear implant with the iConnect earhook
  • Autoconnect
  • Easy Gain adjustment
  • Automatic signal checking
  • No frequency management necessary
  • Roger receiver type 02 

Don’t overlook that you are going to also wish to purchase Roger X compatible direct input shoes. Please note that the Roger X is compatible with standard MLxi/MLxS audio input shoes. 


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