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Phonak™ Roger MyLink

Phonak™ Roger MyLink

Many Other Roger and Other Items Available, Including the”02″ & “03” Receivers, Roger Focus, Roger Pens, Roger Inspiro and Phonak™ Accessories – Inquire About Your Needs

Package Contains All Items In Detailed List Below 1



Roger MyLink is a universal inductive neckloop receiver that is easy-to-use, affordable and suitable for use with any hearing aid or cochlear implant featuring a T-Coil. Roger MyLink is compatible with most Roger wireless microphones.


  • Roger speech-in-noise performance
  • Compatible with all hearing instruments with a T-Coil
  • Compatible with most Roger wireless microphones
  • Headphone output
  • Additional adaptive gain
  • Effective standby mode
  • Rechargeable built in battery
  • The Roger receivers operate on the new 2.4GHz digital Roger platform.

    Don’t be fooled into purchasing a Phonak MyLink, Rather Than a Roger MyLink. There Are Auctions That Claim to Be Selling a Roger MyLink, But Their Pictures Clearly Show the Item is a Phonak MyLink (NOT ROGER). That MyLink WILL NOT WORK WITH ROGER EQUIPMENT, i.e., Roger Pen, Roger Mic, Table Mic Because They Do Not Operate on the 2.4 GHz digital Roger platform.

    Other Packages and items are available for your specific needs and can be listed for auction.

    ASK ABOUT SPECIAL AUCTIONS and COUPONS!!! We also have many other Items such as ICubes, ICube II’s, ComPilots, Compilot IIs, Compilot Air II
    , TVlinks, Remote Mics, Roger Accessories, Roger X (02) & X(03) Receivers, Roger Pen, Roger Inspiro, etc. Just let us know what you would like and our technical staff will be happy to assist you. A quick library access list and contact form is located at:

    Most products new old stock. Some were demonstrator or returns. All appear new or are a “9.5” out of “10” minimum cosmetically unless differently clearly stated. All items other than new products are fully tested prior to shipment.

      1  Included in this auction package are the following items and as shown in the photos:

    • 1 each Phonak Roger MyLink.
    • 1 each 1 each Phonak™ US Power Supply AC/Adapter (US Version) – Contact us if you want something different.

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    Click Here For Everything You Need to Know About Roger MyLink

    Click Here For Roger MyLink User Guide

    *** If you have any questions, or need additional product information or manuals, please contact us before bidding or buying ***


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