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Finally… It’s easy to take a bath. 

If you are a person who finds it difficult or challenging to take a bath, this inflatable cushion will help so that whilst getting into the bathtub you don’t seem to be injured, and when your bath is finished you’ll easily get up

This cushion also works great to assist a person who has “fallen and can’t get up” from the floor, either inside the house or outside in the yard or garden.

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The Personal Cushion Lift is a new, patent pending, inflatable cushion designed to assist in lowering and raising a person from the bathtub or floor.  The unique design makes it stable, supportive and extremely durable when in use.

Any time a person is physically helped into and out of a bathtub there is the possibility for accidental injury to both the person taking a bath and the caregiver who provides help. Common injuries are to the back, neck, shoulders, and arms when trying to lift and move the person in the bathtub.  The Personal Cushion Lift takes away much of the riskuncertainty, and possibility of injury when moving a person into and out of the bath.

This equipment can be used privately and independently by any person who has good personal balance and control, despite being physically challenged or disabled.  It also can be used with the help of a caregiver or family member.  For best results anyone using the Personal Cushion Lift should be able to balance themselves and control their own movements whilst the cushion moves their body up and down, despite the fact that being assisted and stabilized by a caregiver.
It is very simple to use, and ALL of the heavy lifting is done by the cushion; the caregiver only needs to help balance and stabilize the person being assisted. A small light-weight electric air pump is remotely controlled to inflate a cushion which lifts and lowers anyone up to 300 pounds. When using the Personal Cushion Lift, it takes about 2 minutes to be lowered and 4 minutes to be raised to a 17″ high seated position. 

After being lowered into the tub, the person sits on the flat cushion which feels like a very thin pillow with a foam support around the outer edge.  The Cushion Lift is specifically designed to then move with the person in the tub as the body position is shifted whilst bathing. The unique design has a low point in the middle of the cushion which causes the cushion to remain centered under the person sitting in the tub, whilst offering gentle support and enhanced stability.  Many people find that leaving some air in the cushion increases the softness and comfort of the seating surface.  When the bath is finished a simple push on the remote control inflates the cushion back to a normal seating position helping the person to rise from the tube without struggling.    
The cushion is made from very puncture resistant materials. The outer surface is made of thick vinyl FABRIC which is sewn in conjunction with heavy thread to make a very comfortable yet durable surface. 

The fully inflated cushion is 22″ in diameter and approximately 17″ tall (depending on the weight of the person being moved). The air pump with the hose, and the inflatable cushion, each weigh less than 5 pounds, which makes set-up or storage quick and easy. All of the equipment may be stored in a small optional carrying case the size of a gym bag. This makes it simple to store all the equipment and easy to carry when traveling to assist someone in need of help.  

For easy-access storage, simply slide the entire cushion, hose, and air pump under a bed when not in use. 

The Personal Cushion Lift package comes with everything needed to assist someone who needs help moving up or down: an inflatable cushion made of durable, water resistant fabric; a small light-weight air pump; a 20 foot long vinyl air hose; a remotely controlled wireless on/off switch which allows the air pump to be controlled safely from a distance; and a removable hand grip for improved balance and stability whilst in the tub. The optional carrying bag is not included but is available separately for an additional small fee.

The air pump is powered by 110 volt electricity which means you never have to worry about charging a battery and you’re going to at all times have full power, regardless of the number of times the cushion is inflated.  The 20 foot long air hose allows the air pump to be placed safely in another room and controlled remotely using a wireless push-button on/off switch.  This results in you being assured of consistent and reliable air pressure to inflate your Personal Cushion Lift. 

Whether you use it yourself or recommend it to a friend, the Personal Cushion Lift can make bathing much safer and easier. And more important… 

The Personal Cushion Lift will restore dignity to the job of staying clean. 

The Personal Cushion Lift will restore independence to the challenge of rising from the floor.

Please contact me for custom color selections in solid colors or pattern fabrics.  Each cushion can be specially ordered and designed to fit your needs.  It can be custom ordered made from fabric which is all blue, all red, or a wide variety of colors of your choosing (based on availability).   

There is no extra charge for custom colored fabric, alternatively for these orders please allow 2 to 3 weeks longer for delivery as a result of custom construction.  

Because of the personal nature of the product I do not accept returns, alternatively the entire device comes with a 30 day parts and labor warranty to repair or replace any equipment defects due to manufacturing.  This does not cover misuse by the buyer.

For more information please contact me and I’ll send a free 60 minute DVD which shows the Personal Cushion Lift package and demonstrates how it works. 

At last…  IT’S  EASY  to take a bath. 

This is a new patent pending product and I’m interested in working with larger companies so I will expand and increase my ability to sell and market this unique and useful product. Considering there are more than 75 million people over the age of 65 in the U.S. alone, I need help satisfying the demand. 

Please contact me if you’re interested in licensing this product or if you’ll offer help in manufacturing, marketing or distributing to your existing customers. I’m open to reasonable offers and I’m willing to work with partners who want to build a business.


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