Oxygen O2 Bar Concentrator Portable Home & Travel 1-5L/min FDA CE certification



Portable Homecare Oxygen Bar Machines Portable Shuttle Oxygen Concentrator

Product Features

  • Factory Operates with FDA CE certifications.

  • Go with the flow Range:1-5L/min., adjustable as you wish to have, high concentration to keep health

  • Purify air, release the negative oxygen ion function

  • Weighs just 8 kg/17.6lb, convenient to carry, can be used in car.

  • Real-time intelligent monitoring with clear LCD screen.

Product Description

This homecare oxygen bar will give you secure and conveninet life with sustained oxygen supply.
You’ll be able to use it at home or in your car, the portable and smart function works very well for your homecare life.
Power supply:110V±10%, 60Hz.
Input Power: 100VA.
Oxygen Concentration:30%-90%
Flow Range:1-5L/min.
Size: 27cm*17.5cm*29.5cm. / 10.63in*6.89in*11.61in
Operation noise level: 40dB(A).
It can work often but when the current overload or loose connection, it can antomatic shutdown.
Potential Customers & Benefits:
Women: Skin care,Skin nutrition and elasticity maintenance,Reduction of sub-health status.
Pregnant women:Helpful to fetus development.
Businessman:Relaxing physical and mental tension,Improving physical ability, Reducing sub-health status and improving work efficiency.
Students: Improving remembrance and reducing mental fatigue.
Plateau tourism lovers: Reducing the symptoms of hypoxia on plateau.


1. Requires 110V voltage to work. 

2. Pls open the Blue belt on the bottom and pull it out before the use of, to avid an influence about heat dissipation.

3.This product is not intended for medical use.


Q: Does this have continuous oxygen Go with the flow or a pulse?

A: Continuous Flow

Q: Battery Operated?

A: No, You’ll need Power Inverter (12v DC to 110v AC converter)

Q: What is the Unit output pressure?

A: Output pressure ranges from 2.9psi to 4.4psi – Depending on Go with the flow range setting.

Q: What are the Oxygen Concentration levels at each Go with the flow range?

A:  1L – 90% // 2L – 50% // 3L – 40% // 4L – 33% // 5L – 30% 

Q: Will work with nasal connection?

A: Yes

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