Oticon Nera 2 Pro Ti Mini RITE RIC 312 BTE Hearing Aid 312 Battery Warranty



Great 2015 pair of Oticon Nera 2 Pro Ti Mini Hearing Aids
These devices are still under warranty until 11/13/17, and
according to my audiologist the warranty may also be extended.
These are NOT refurbished, don’t now or have never had any problems. 
Bundle includes pair of hearing aids, new package of 312 size batteries,
new package of filter replacements, new cleaning tool, flip top case,
soft sided mini trip case, and  4 new pairs of 8mm clear domes.
Very gently used, in great condition, you just need them programmed
to your hearing needs. I imagine we could have had the mute button
disabled as well so they did not by accident get switched off. 
Your audiologist or hearing aid dispenser will be capable to make
them absolute best in your needs. These are very high end devices,
and have many more features than we ever used. $5300 value!!!!
Feel free to message me any questions.


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