NEW Vivri Shake Me Strawberry Sensation




The New Vivri Shake Me Strawberry Sensation.

The VIVR Crucial Nutrition will provide you with the whole thing you wish to have in seconds: proteins, carbohydrates, healthy fats, vitamins and minerals- including antioxidants.

  • Healthy levels of cholesterol, triglycerides and blood sugar
  • Fat burning and weight keep watch over and Appetite control
  • Health for all of the family Great Oportunity, Take A Crucial Nutrition System
  • Shake ME Strawberry Sensation 42.68 Oz

    Fresh And New!!!!! Assist you to care for Healthy levels of Cholesterol-Triglycerides- Blood Pressure and Blood Sugar.

    Shake Me includes the following Premium Crucial Nutrition:

    High in Protein, Rick in Vegetable Extracts, Rick in Vitamins & Amino acids, High in Fiber, Source Prebiotics, Naturally Sweetened, Lactose Reduce.

    All products come from a smoke free home.

    This is an authentic Vivri item. This auction isn’t endorsed by nor affiliated in any way with Vivri LLC. There are no product warranties or guarantees stated or implied on this auction. This item isn’t guaranteed by Vivri LLC.


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