NEW TrueStim Medical TENS System Touch Screen Premium Stimulation Factory Sealed



This is a TrueStim Professional Wireless Unit!

All units are new in a factory sealed box with all components pictured here. TrueStim Pro is a wireless
touchscreen-activated electrical muscle stimulation device ready to
provide effective pain relief, enhanced muscle performance, and relief
from inflammation and other health challenges, very similar to the advantages
which may also be realized from traditional Chinese massage (Tuina)
sensations and acupuncture technology. This powerful combined
microcurrent, Stim, and TENS/EMS machine is a brilliant value, with a
package that includes plenty of useful accessories, including an
adapter for recharging, and newly improved self-adhesive silicon
electrode gel pads and an AcuBelt for extremely *smooth* sensations. The
handheld unit, which is about the size of a mobile phone, has 12
therapeutic programs, which may also be implemented on up to six isolated,
individually controlled channels (every controlling a separate
stimulation pad), and it’s easy to navigate through those options on the
touch screen. Treat; Get well; Prevent — Wirelessly.

What’s included in the Box:

* TrueStim Pro Device
* 1 Wireless receivers
* 2 pairs of extension
* 1 Pair of pads
* 1 Extra Large Pad
* 1 Ear Clip
* USB dual charging system
* Remedy guide
* Belt with pad
* Slippers
* Conductive spray

BONUS Outdoor the box (NEW SEALED)

1 Wireless Receivers
1 Pair of Small Pads
1 Pair of Larger Pads


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