New!! Pyle PCRBDR24 Vehicle Driveway Curb Ramp




New!! Pyle PCRBDR24 Vehicle Driveway Curb Ramp


  • Professional extendable curb ramp for driveway,4ft width
  • Just one ramp 4 ft width
  • Specially designed ramp consistent with the most well liked curb to your driveway
  • Protects your car into the lowest hit or vibration
  • Reduces the noise while you drive in or out throughout the curb
  • Made of prime quality durable rubber or long time use
  • With water or cable channel within the bottom
  • Special surface for more friction to the automobile tire
  • With reserved holes within the top if you wish to fix with inflation bolt at the curb preventing from moving or stealing
  • Load capacity:5T,  11,000lbs
  • Each ramp size:4ft wide and 16 inch depth


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