NEW HealthWay ® Air Purifier 9-stage filtration



Class II Medical Device

Air purifier unit with DFS Technology

  • Absolutely the most efficient protection against harmful airborne contaminants

  • 99.99% efficient in capturing at 0.3 micron size

  • Captures allergen particles, together with dust, mildew, pollen, dust mite debris, pet dander and more

  • Holds americato 4 times more that a identical size HEPA filter

  • And its nine-Stage Total Clear out System

Here is what are Healthway will fight with in your house:

Burning/itching eyes, nose and throat allergy and asthma-like symptoms sneezing. cold and fatigue.

Headache and nausea flu-like symptoms difficulty breathing

Mucus-filled sinuses and lungs lung cancer from smoke and chemicals conceivable death


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