NEW Gundry MD Primal Plants … Essential Superfoods Blend FREE SHIPPING



New, Authentic and Sealed Gundry MD Primal Plants Crucial Superfoods Blend

Manufacturing Date: 8/3/2017.

This 25-ingredient formula combines polyphenol-wealthy green
superfoods with state of the art digestive & metabolic Improve blends. 

Plants is formulated to assist promote better digestion, increase energy levels,
and come up with more youthful, healthier skin…from the inside out!

Quick-Dissolve mix with delicious, all-natural green apple

Soy-Free / Sugar-Free / Artificial Sweetener-Free /

Gundry MD Primal Plants is in fact 5 unique formulas in

1- Superfood Greens Blend

A superfood greens blend with 11 of the most powerful
vegetable polyphenols to assist boost your energy and refresh your skin.

2- Heart Health Blend

A tannin-wealthy heart health blend packed with polyphenols
from capros amla fruit extract.

3- Metabolic Enhancing Blend

A metabolic-enhancing blend of 6 unique ingredients designed
to Improve metabolism and energy levels.

4- Digestive Improve Blend

A digestive Improve blend of 2 powerful digestive enzymes
and pectin that will help you get the most energy from the food you eat.

5- Probiotic Blend

A probiotic blend featuring 4 of the most powerful probiotic
strains, every thought to play an important role in balancing the gut.


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