NEW Charger for Bruno OEM-2402, SRE-2010, SRE-1550, SRE-2750,SRE-2000 BCR-24018



 This latest version charger technologically supersedes ( and is an exact replacement ) for your Bruno OEM-2402,   Cliplite BCR 24018  or the old cube style Bruno stair lift charger.
 Don’t be misled by our our low price. Technology marches on. Televisions, cell phones, computers, etc. continue to beef up and cost less as well. 
Don’t get duped into paying more for an older, inferior product
You are bidding on the black charger that is pictured on top of the unreliable charger models that it replaces.
 This is a multi stage smart charger that utilizes the latest technology to cater to your SRE series lift’s unique energy needs and to ensure the longest life from its batteries.    It runs substantially cooler than all previous Bruno chargers available for your lift. This makes it more reliable and it saves electricity to boot.
 Some aftermarket chargers may damage your Bruno’s batteries or electronics but you are going to not have to worry about that with this charger if you use it with the following models: SRE-2010, SRE-1550, SRE-2750, SRE-2000 BCR-24018. This is because it was designed SPECIFICALLY for these models and uses modern electronics to give protection to your lift even more than previous chargers. 
 Buy with confidence… It has a one year warranty and we will be able to include a 30 day no questions asked, full refund as well ( very handy if you find that you didn’t need a charger in spite of everything!). 

 We pride ourselves on excellent service and very fast shipping. Please read our great feedback regarding this item.
Also let us know when you’ve got any questions.

Update: Please note that we don’t seem to be taking offers on this product. For some reason eBay won’t let us revise our auction to get rid of this option.
 Actually, our  price is already so low that we suspect that some people may perceive it as being inferior to the ones that have failed on them.
 That is certainly not the case as this new design address the earlier charger’s  reliability  issues. 


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