NEW 180count Kids vitamin gummies – VEGAN/ORGANIC/KOSHER/HALAL NutraKids



VEGAN, KOSHER & HALAL – We make certain that the ingredients that go into our gummies are cruelty-free, gelatin free and advisable to most dietary restrictions. They’ve ZERO preservatives or artificial colors because of this you’ll be able to be certain that there are no questionable ingredients in these yummy treats.

ORGANIC, HEALTHY & NUTRITIOUS – Nutra Kids gummies make it simple to keep your kids healthy. We ensure our formulas are efficient by the use of the only best ingredients to provides you with the most efficient quality.

SUGAR FREE – As an alternative of sugar we use Maltitol and Isomalt that are sugar alcohols. It is half as caloric, does not promote tooth decay, and has a lesser effect on blood glucose. It also has 75-90% the sweetness of sugar. Yum!

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