NCP Enzyme Probiotic & Nutritional Mix Vanilla & Chocolate Variety Pack



Nutritional Essentials, Enzyme & Probiotic Blend Package Contents:
  • Nutritional Essentials Verity Pack (Regular, Vanilla & Chocolate) 3x
  • Probiotic Blend 2oz powder 2x
  • Multiple Digestive Enzymes 2x
  • 100% Vegan

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Nutritional Essentials Details:

Natural Choice Products Nutritional Essentials is a great tasting, superior whole food supplement that was formulated to verify balanced nutrition. Mild and utilizable, this formula provides a stable variety of essential nutrients necessary to properly fuel a healthy body. Nutritional Essentials provides highly concentrated antioxidant vitamins and pro-oxidant nutrients including tocotrienols. 

Multiple Digestive Enzymes Details:

Natural Choice Products A couple of Digestive Enzymes provide Cultured Enzymes, active in an acid or alkaline environment. Designed to compliment the body in the assimilation and utilization of food nutrients, Natural Choice Products A couple of Digestive Enzymes have been formulated to replace the naturally occurring food enzymes lost to cooking, processing, irradiating, or cultivation in depleted soils.

The following is a brief summary of the Cultured Enzymes that are supposed to be considered most critical to supplementation for pre-digestive needs.

Protease -for protein digestion
Amylase -for carbohydrate and starch digestion
Lipase -for digestion of fats and oils
Cellulase -for digestion of dietary fiber
Lactase -for digestion of dairy products
*Sucrase -for white sugar digestion
*Maltase -for digestion of malt sugars and grains
* Also completes the digestive process of Amylase.

The Natural Choice Products A couple of Digestive Enzyme formulation is balanced to meet the specific needs of the modern dietary lifestyle, including the consumption of denatured fats and proteins, hidden sugars, dairy products, and snack foods. The addition of powerful vegetable based antioxidants optimizes the efficiency of this formula.

Natural Choice Products A couple of Digestive Enzymes don’t seem to be really useful for individuals who suffer from gastritis or gastric/duodenal ulcers.

Probiotic Blend Details:

Our unique patented Probiotic Blend is a powerful combination of specially stabilized, cultured microorganisms called Lactobacillus Salivarius and Lactobacillus Plantarum -OM. These friendly bacteria flourish in the small intestine and offer many benefits. Unlike other supplemental bacteria products, Lactobacilli -OM requires a very special culturing process and has been classified as a novel strain. Developed after many years of research, the OM strain of Lactobacilli actually marks a new level of achievement in bacterial supplementation. 

Special Properties 
The microorganisms in the Probiotic Blend are classified as novel in comparison with other Lactobacillus because they are the only strain found to be proteolytic, meaning the OM probiotics are very active on proteins in addition to the by-products of protein putrefaction.

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