Natren Life Start Vegan Probiotic Powder for Infants Toddlers Mothers 1.25 Oz



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Up for sale is a 1.25 Ounce Container of Natren Life Start Vegan Probiotic Powder for Infants Toddlers & Mothers.

Natren Life Start Vegan contains Bifidobacterium infantis, NLS super strain. This unique, dairy free probiotic is cultured on organic brown rice concentrate and is free of additives. It is Gluten Free, Soy Free, contains no FOS, or GMOs. Designed specifically for infants, toddlers, and nursing or expecting mothers.

Why Bifidobacterium infantis NLS?
Bifidobacterium infantis is the most predominant a good suggestion microorganisms found in healthy breast fed infants. If born by Caesarian Section, babies do not receive this initial boost of important a good suggestion bacteria. Supplementing with Life Start Vegan provides infants with that first line of defense for their tiny, immature GI tract, ensuring them with the most productive start to a long and healthy life.

Life Start Vegan can make stronger:

  • The gastrointestinal system
  • A healthy digestive environment
  • Breast-fed babies who might also need this advantage
  • Formula fed babies (Mother’s milk encourages a good suggestion bacteria growth whilst studies have shown that formula does not.)
Please note that the FDA & the USDA do NOT require Best By or Expiration dates on Dietary Supplements. These will be secure to use for at least 3 years past the date on the container and regularly times much longer.  They’re going to be Fresh & Effective, so purchase and use with confidence!

Check out the following link to the John Oliver Video starting at the 10:15 mark until 11:15 to see the truth about best by dates.

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