MyO2 MEDS Electrolyte Concentrate (1 month supply)



 You are purchasing 1-8ounce bottle of MyO2 MEDS and 1-1.25oz pocket bottle of MyO2 MEDS.

 MyO2 MEDS is specially formulated to give you the amateur and the pro alike the same quality electrolytes needed to care for excellent performance and overall health. MyO2 MEDS is secure for all ages.

MEDS is the Acronym of the 21st Century. 
It represents the words Multi-Electrolyte-Delivery-Solution: MEDS.
We offers you a more balanced electrolytes than another competitor.
Just the very best numbers provide energy, performance, stamina, endurance and a better recovery.
MEDS has been reported by the patients as having a positive have an effect on on individuals with High Blood Pressure, Diabetes, Neuropathy, and even Diabetes.
The Blood loses electrolytes through the process of elimination; sweat, urination, defecation and through menses for women.
One teaspoon per day spaced out over 5-6 bottles of water a day is all you wish to have.
ADD to ANY Beverage to make stronger the nutritional very important mineral value.


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