Mobility scooter cover bungee free by Armadillo



Buy a cover and the Highway buckles are included without charge!!

Not all covers are created equal!
Don’t waste your money on bungee dependent covers.
They don’t seem to be designed to resist highway go back and forth or the elements like the Armadillo.
Make Armadillo the last cover you purchase.

Are covers are wind tested to 85 mph with the optional magnetic buckles, 60 mph with standard buckles. They are a BUNGEE FREE option. No wish to pay an additional $20 for hard to use dangerous bungee cords.

Armadillo cover features:

  • A
    unique orange piping that keeps the form of the cover for quick &
    easy installation even as adding additional safety so people will see you
  • Water resistant, UV, heavy duty fabric available in 2 colors (Brindle and Charcoal)
  • A smart velcro slit with pull loops for the mobility lifts hold down arm
  • Lift securement quick release system to keep the cover safe throughout transport (Without Bungee Cords)
  • Optional Quick release highway rated buckle securement. Replaces the standard buckles for easier and stronger transporting.
  • Draw tight belt keeping the bottom drawn tight and the top fabric close to the scooter to prevent wind whip
  • Works with ALL mobility lifts, Harmar, Bruno, Pride Mobility and so forth.
  • 1 Year limited warranty

For proper sizing or more information go to

covers don’t seem to be meant to exceed 50 mph with standard buckles, 70 mph
with magnetic buckles, even supposing  tested at higher ratings. UV rating
is for normal daily conditions.


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