Merica-Labz-Red,White&Boom 25-Servings-Blood Sweat and Tears



Merica Labz Red, White & Boom is the up to date and greatest within the Pre-Workout Category that details ingredients that now not handiest keep you energized but will let you sustain muscle staying power all over your workout. Life, liberty, and pre-workout energizing mega-crushfests – the American way. the sensation you get on Veteran’ s Day, watching the American flag nobly twist within the wind, even as a true patriot belts out the Star Spangled Banner? Yeah, us too. So we mixed it with some wicked stims, some performance modulators, and bottled it.

– Intense Energy and Performance
– Increased Muscle Endurance
– Increased Blood Flow
– Promotes Recovery Time
– Highly Researched Ingredients


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