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  • 100% Brand New Condition 

  • Brand New sealed box and all literature included. 

  • Includes factory backed 1 year FULL REPLACEMENT GUARANTEE

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This is not the old 2 speed model. This is the BRAND NEW Professional Version with an 11 speed motor control from 500 rpm to 4,000 rpm for maximum comfort and control.

What is your ideal speed setting? With a low speed of only 500 rpm, the new MMF06 series has a speed setting for every foot’s sensibility.

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Although not a “miracle cure”, our foot massager has helped thousands of patients over the years to regain mobility and ease pain in the feet and lower extremities. On account of the incredible increase of oxygenated blood glide to these areas, muscles and tendons relax and an overall feeling of well being ensues.

Ergonomically designed to be used on the floor while sitting on a chair, our Medi Massager is angled as to be most comfortable while receiving the maximum imaginable therapeutic benefit.

This is the most powerful electric foot massager available in the USA without a license. Designed for therapeutic and clinical use, this massager is at long last available for home use in the USA WITHOUT A LICENSE!

This massager offers the ultimate massager experience for anybody who spends a large number of time on their feet or experience severe foot and leg pain. The Medi Massager Foot massager is used clinically to treat patients with severe circulation issues and pain on account of diabetes and neuropathy. Used by doctors and therapists around the world, this massager is an important tool for stimulating local circulation, easing muscle tension and alleviating joint pain and swelling. The ergonomic design is no accident. The foot pad had been designed at the optimal angle for most comfort while massaging.

This Foot Massager is engineered to exacting standards in an ISO 9000-2001 manufacturing facility and is CSA certified for safety and reliability. Not only that, but this massager is also FDA certified for therapeutic use.

The price includes an unprecedented 1 year full replacement warranty against defects and failure. An optional LIFETIME REPLACEMENT WARRANTY is available on the manufacturer’s website. Compare this MedMassager with the competition and you can realize that you don’t have to settle for a lesser “copy cat” massager, purchase the very best for yourself – you are worth it


How to Use your Massager


Calf pain and restless leg syndrome relief

A. Another excellent remedy for calf pain (gastrocnemius muscle) and to achieve relief from restless leg syndrome is to use our foot massager tilted on its front with your calves resting on the remedy surface.

B. It stimulates the blood glide to the legs, thus relaxing the calf muscles even as the arch bar relaxes the Achilles tendons.

Duration: This remedy can be used up to 15 minutes at a time, several times per day.

Plantar fasciitis (pronounced-fash-she-eye-tis)

This is inflammation of the tendons and fascia under the foot at the arch. This can be a very tender area so we recommend wearing socks. Move your foot over the arch bar slowly and rhythmically until the area begins to relax. The increase blood glide will allow the area to relax.

Duration: This can take up to 15 minutes

Relaxation technique for tired feet and ankles

A. The setting is purely subjective on your part as there are 12 speeds.

B. You can use the foot massager with your bare feet, with socks or even with shoes.

C. Many people like the feel of it with their shoes on. This is very helpful for people who have sores on their feet, and feel more comfortable massaging their feet with shoes on. Also ideal in applications where the massager will be used in a public place and sanitation is a concern.

Duration: This can be used for any length of time up to 15 minutes and can be used several times a day

Relaxing the toes

You can curl your toes around the arch bar for several minutes at a time which can relieve the pain of arthritis even as the rest of your foot also gets the advantage of increased circulation

Duration: This can be done several times a day for 2-10 minutes each


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