MD Hearing Aid Air with Rocker Switch




This hearing aid fits for both left and right ear with additional plastic tube

This digital hearing aid basically have compatibility for mild to moderate hearing loss people

People who can hear the voice from 0-25dB ,their hearing is normal

People who can hear the voice from 26-40dB ,their hearing loss is mild

People who can hear the voice from 41-60dB ,their hearing loss is Moderate

People who can hear the voice from 61-80dB ,their hearing loss is Severe


Digital hearing aid Features

1. Micro BTE and Air Construction design

2. Full Digital circuitry

3. Top frequency adjustment

4. Low frequency adjustment

5. Adaptive feedback cancellation

6. Adaptive noise reduction

7. Fixed ear mode

8. Digital volume control

9. Open have compatibility and Normal earhook exchangeable

10. More natural, transparent sound and great listening comfort

11. Regularly and comfortably increases sound levels in line with your distinctive wishes by digital volume control

12. Durable, long-lasting hearing instrument inside of and out

Aparelho auditivo digital Specification

1.Product size:60x12x8mm

2.Weight:3 g

3.Max. saturation sound pressure level(SSPL):123dB±4dB

4.Full on Acoustic Gain:39dB

5.Total Harmonic Distortion(THD):

F>1000H ≤15%

F<1000H ≤10%

6.Frequency Response:334-5026 Hz

7.Similar Input Noise:29 dB


9.Battery Current Drain:2 mA

10.Estimated Battery Life:128 Hours

11.Rated Voltage:D.C 1.4V

FDA hearing aid Accessories

1* Hearing aid

2* Plastic tube

3* Earplug

4* 4 Pack Batteries


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