Maxi Rub The Body Relaxer Two Speed Massager



The Maxi Rub Body Massager is built to relieve pain and bring circulation to shoulders, neck, back, legs, and feet. This professional massager produces a strong vibration massage that may be perfect to be used at the whole body. This economical alternative to equivalent electric massagers is sturdy, reliable and maintenance-free. It is a product for all of the household. Specifications: – 2 speeds: 2,800 and 3,500 RPM – 10’ Power Cord – 6lbs – Blue & White – 9” L x 4.5” W x 8” H – Power Source: 120V, 60Hz 1 Amp – 1 Year Warranty Additional accessory for purchase: Maxi Rub Fleece Cover – with this machine washable cover you’ll be able to use oils and lotions without damaging the massager. This increases comfort even as also protecting your massager.


  • PRICED COMPETITIVELY. This massager is less expensive than competing electric back and body massagers.
  • CONVENIENT. 10ft Power Cord and light weight frame make this easy to make use of.
  • ALL OVER RELIEF. This massager relieves pain and brings circulation to any body part, including shoulders, neck, back, legs, and feet.
  • PAIN RELIEF. Two speed options to maximize comfort and pain relief.


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