magnesium glycinate new 450mg, 120 veggie capsules



The Magnesium Miracle 

Magnesium has been touted as a miracle mineral by the scientific community because it supports such a lot of critical functions of the human body, but by some estimates as much as 80% of Americans don’t seem to be getting enough Magnesium and is also deficient! 

Nutraganix’s Premium Magnesium Glycinatedelivers a high dosage of 450mg elemental Magnesium (derived from pure Magnesium Glycinate) which is chelated with glycine which further supports relaxation, delivers superior absorption, and has no laxative effect. 

You can count on Nutraganix Premium Magnesium Glycinate to be: 

– 100% Natural 

– Vegan Friendly 

– Non-GMO 

– Gluten-Free 

– Non-Buffered 

– Preservative Free 

– Stearate Free 

– Silicon Dioxide (Silica) Free 

– Synthetic Compound Free 

Satisfaction Guarantee 

We take pride in formulating our health and wellness supplements to be in a class of their very own, so you realize you might be buying the most productive, but when for any reason you don’t seem to be satisfied with your purchase we stand at the back of an unconditional money back guarantee. 


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